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4 Beautiful White Farmhouse Inspired Paint Colors

My “Glowing”?15 Year Old Bedroom

When it came to nailing down my design style, I went through a lot of “phases” to get to my current and most loved style. I’ve painted walls watermelon pink, and navy, I even had a maroon room in high school. I’ve always had a real zest to decorate and my dear sweet Mother let me design my room when I was 15. I painted it bright orange and stripes of pink, yellow, purple and red. I had a hot pink bed cover and my room was so bright that it glowed through the doorway into the hallway. If you’ve also have had a funky decorating era, high five! Because let be honest the only way to REALLY know what your style is, is living with it!!!

Paint Regret

I’ve had so many paint regrets but none worse than the gray we painted in our family room. Have you had a bad bought with gray too? It seems to be on the rise since its so trendy, and no one tells you how BLASTED hard it is to actually find the right shade. Not too dark and not too light, not too purple and not too blue. My gray catastrophe erred on the too “purple” side. Therefore casting a purple gloomy haze on our family room for several years before I shiplapped right over that purple mistake and painted it white! Best solution I’ve come up with for a problem to date!!!

My point is finding the right color pallet for your home is stinking hard and its especially hard to get it all right the first try! So instead of painting your walls 400 times like me, just take my word for it and paint them all white!! No really! Its happy and bright and its the perfect canvas for so many styles!! Especially if you’re loving the farmhouse crazy which< Hello you know that’s my Jam! Here are some beautiful white paint color choices sure to freshen up any room in your home!!!

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4 Beautiful Farmhouse Inspired Paint Colors

(please click the names of each color to be directed to the EXACT paint colors used in the photos other brands my vary in shade slightly)

1. Farm House By BEHR

  • This is the color of my formal living room walls,?above the wainscoting (the warmer creamy white). I purchased this paint on a whim online so I really had no idea what I was getting! Its so beautiful and It adds so much warmth to this room! I purchased a 5 gallon bucket so It will probably show up in some upcoming other room makeovers since I have quite a bit left!

2. Swiss Coffee by BEHR

  • This white is the color that my entire house was painted in by the builder. Wish I had left well enough alone and never painted a dang wall!! You live and your learn!! After painting this room mint green. I made it over for my daughters nursery. We shiplapped the walls and painted it swiss coffee which is a beautiful white that has a little warmth to it but definitely “looks white”. Its hands down my favorite white! Make sure not to get this in the “Glidden” brand,?it will be soupy and super transparent needing INSANE amounts of coats to get full coverage!! (trust me on this one!)

3. Custom Mix!!

i100 White BEHR Pro -3.5 gallons

Swiss Coffee -Glidden 1 Gallon

MIX= The perfect white trim and cabinet color!

  • I came upon this mix completely by accident as shown on my wainscoting and mantle in the image below. As I mentioned in the 2nd color don’t get the soupy “glidden” color in swiss coffee. But If you do fear not!!! I had a 3/4 ?of my 5 gallon bucket of the i100 white Bher Pro and I just poured the full gallon of that Swiss Coffee inside and the result was a bright full coverage white that is the PERFECT trim color!! which is painted on my wainscoting! I seriously love this color so much that I am hoping to eventually paint my kitchen cabinets this color! I have the Eggshell sheen.

4. i100 White BEHR Pro

  • This is a really affordable way to add white to your home! I purchased this 5 gallon bucket of white on a whim and used it to paint our family room! I have been super pleased with it!! its the brightest white of all 4 and really is beautiful and timeless!!!

That concludes my top 4 picks for farmhouse inspired white paint colors that I have used in my home! I hope you found this post inspiring or perhaps helpful if you are on the hunt to find the perfect white to paint your walls too!!!

Before you go be sure to pin the image below to save it for later!!

xo Haley

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  1. Thanks for sharing these paint colors, Haley. It’s so hard to choose among all of the shades of white out there. I did recently paint our kitchen with Swiss Coffee and I love it!

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