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Vintage Hymn Printables

Hey there my friends! I am so glad to have you back this Tuesday! first things first I am going to switch up the time of my posts each week. They will stay the same days: Tuesday and Thursday. But move from 6am to 5pm! Today is ?Tuesday so that can only mean one thing! Its time for more free farmhouse inspired printables and a life update! Today I am sharing a beautiful set of vintage hymn printables. I am sharing these as a little encouragement for summer! If you would like to visit other posts where I have shared weekly farmhouse inspired prints this page will get you there!?


Vintage Hymn Printable’s

We are on week 2 of summer and it has already been a doozie! As a member of the LDS church I find that Sundays truly are a day to re-charge and re coup! These vintage hymn printables are some words from a few of my favorite hymns. I can connect hymns to so many memories both from when I was a little primary aged girl and now as an adult! These vintage hymn printables are simple phrases that all have connections for me! I hope since many of them are popular hymns that at least one will connect with you as well!

Do you love hymns? I have spent the last 6 years of church in similar callings. These are dedicated assignments that are service positions within our church. Each of my callings have been as a teacher to the youth of different ages. I love being in primary and also loved my time in young women’s! Currently I teach the 7-8 year olds each week in Primary. This really is where I feel like I ?belong and I love spending time and watching these sweet kids grow and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My Love of Hymns

That being said wrangling this fun and often rowdy group of kids the second 2 hours of our 3 hour block means my time is spent serving and filling others buckets and sometimes it feels as though mine needs a little nourishment! I have found that the songs and hymns we sing throughout church each Sunday often have a profound impact on me each week. I feel as though each week the songs have been hand selected for me and they bring me the peace and comfort I often seek each Sunday. My hope is that these vintage hymn printables bring those same feelings into your homes as you display them there.

Weekly Life Update!

Last week was our first week of summer break! We starting things off right by fishing on our local mountain and enjoying the company of our family on our sacred memorial day. I will forever be grateful for the sacrifices that countless men, women, and families give for our freedoms here in this country. Words are not adequate to describe how thankful I am.

I didn’t think it was appropriate to attach any sales for freebies to Memorial Day. So, last weeks newsletter was not sent out. I will however attach an extra free print to this weeks newsletter which will go out today!

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After a fun beginning of our week things settled down and we are currently trying to figure out our new normal of summer! Its always a unique challenge to get work done while also being present. My goal is to keep some sense of order while also having fun! Its a juggling act for sure. I promise I often fail but thankfully summer allows me a little more grace and time to figure it out!

As many of you may know my son Tristan was diagnosed with a tethered spinal cord last month. We have been patiently waiting for our referral to the neurosurgeon to go through. Each time the phone rings I hope its the office calling to finally schedule the much needed but also dreaded appointment! Its been several weeks of waiting and Wednesay as I was literally gathering the last things to step out the door to his weekly PT appointment the call came.

Farmhouse printables-hymn art-farmhouse decor-In the cottage there is joy

Update on Tristans Tethered Spinal Cord

Not only were they finally scheduling the appointment but there had been a recent cacellation and they could get us in the next morning!

My jaw hit the floor and I quickly went into auto pilot as I re-arranged our day to make it work. I will forever be thankful to my mother-in-law. She does the work of 20 people. Cathy is always by my side helping me through this journey with Tristans ever evolving health. Every week she helps me watch kids while Tristan is at PT. While also taking them during nearly every one of his doctor appointments as well.

She came through once again and helped so Devin and I could make the day trip together. Tristans’ appointment was at ?Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Two hours give or take, one way from our home. Our kids are 7,7,5,2, & 6months. Tristan and Hudson (7, 6months) come with to every appointment. The other kids get a much preferred fun day at Grandmas. It also helps me be able to fully be present at an appointment. Often these appointments are life altering for Tristan. This means am better able ?to hear whats being shared. While also have the clarity of mind to ask further questions. We can’t thank grandma enough for her dedication and love! My kids and I are so blessed to have her in our life!

What we Learned from the Neurosurgeon

Let me just say I walked away from the appointment with the utmost relief. I haven’t gotten into every aspect of Tristans health struggles the 7 years of his life. But we have seen upwards of 10 specialists. His struggles have put us in the path of many doctors and she was exceptional.

First she dropped a bomb on us when she declared she thought his 4 month old Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy diagnosis might be inaccurate. I could hardly even imagine this was possible. She then further explained that his symptoms that led to his CP (cerebral palsy) diagnosis could also be explained by his tethered spinal cord.

She isn’t ready to throw it out completely but she argued a very strong case that he may not actually have CP. We will be following up with a different neurologist at her recommendation for a second opinion. In short, CP is typically diagnosed through MRI scans of the brain. Neurological damage is the cause of CP so there is usually evidence of that on an MRI of the brain by those affected with CP.

Tristans brain MRI was normal. However every other symptom he has such as spasticity, tight and limited range of motion in his lower body, toe walking, pain in his legs. As well as fine motor delays, speech difficulty, and learning delays. Led his neurologist (not the neurosurgeon) to diagnosis him with CP this February. A diagnosis his Orthopedic Dr. also agreed with a few weeks later at our initial appointment with him.

While these symptoms are all hallmarks of CP, they are also indicators of a tethered spinal cord.

Where Do We Go From Here

In short the CP diagnosis while in question is not the most pressing concern. The neurosurgeou wants to do surgery in the next few weeks to untether his spinal cord. A tethered spinal cord can cause neurological damage as a person grows. This is what we are seeing with Tristan. The affects of this damage are not reversible. However surgery will prevent more damage from incurring. Physical therapy and other therapies like OT, Speech etc. will help Tristan manage the damage caused by this condition ?thus far.

Thankfully we are already seeing improvement from his outpatient physical therapy each week. We were referred to PT outside of school when the initial CP diagnosis came. This has been a blessing in so many ways. While the damage he has can’t be undone by surgery. Seeing the progress he has made in a few short months WITH a tethered spinal cord in PT makes me so hopeful that all will be well in this area of his health.


The neurosurgeon was very thourough in her details of how the surgery would be preformed and recovery etc. As with ?any surgery there are risks. I will feel so much better when the surgery portion of this is over. I did take comfort in hearing that it won’t be as intense or invasive as I has originally thought. So this truly eased my mind a bit. Tristan has had 5 prior surgeries for other issues and he is such a good patient. This also brings a level of comfort having ambulated a surgical recovery with him several times before. Devin and I also make a great team in the hospital I know that this will also make all the difference as we have a few hard days during recovery.

In Conclusion:

That is where we stand right now. I feel anxious at the hurdles we still have to jump over but so much peace in how this has played out. I am beyond grateful we were able to be seen months earlier than expected. This means Tristan will hopefully have time to recover before school and it won’t affect him missing school for this procedure. I am also so grateful it came so quickly! Even though I didn’t feel fully prepared for the appointment it was an immeasurable blessing to just have it all happen so quick. Less time to sit and fret over it!

I feel confident in this doctor and that we are at the right place and in good hands. This too is such a blessing. We should know in the next few weeks more details and have a date nailed down to head to phoenix and have the procedure done. Until then I’ll keep you posted. If you read this far you’re a champ thank you! but if you’re just here for the free vintage hymn printables you can access them below.


In addition to these 4 prints there are 4 more with different hymns you can purchase in my Etsy shop HERE

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Use them to create signs, aprons, pictures? & displays for your own homes is perfectly OK. Gift the printable to a friend or family member. Use them to decorate an event or party. As long as the event is not a paid for event you can use them in your d?cor.


I love it when other bloggers or readers share these free printables with their followers! I do have a few rules I ask that you keep in mind when sharing:

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Lastly ENJOY!!! I cannot wait to see you display these in your homes and I truly love seeing how you use them!


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    1. I will have to ask him! I don’t think he has family in Colorado! but perhaps! Ive heard thats a beautiful place though! one of my AZ friends did a family reunion there and raved about it!

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