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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

Hello and welcome to my second annual holiday favorites gift guide! This year I couldn’t just include one category because there were to many things that I loved! There are a few items that are actually still on my wish list but 80% of these items I own and LOVE! So lets get started with my favorite category shall we?! For your convenience this post contains affiliate links.

The DIY’er gift guide! This list looks kinda like a tribute to Ryobi, but let me defend myself! I am not paid to share any of these products, I started out with the Airstrike, this tool was a game changer for my DIY projects, it’s a nail gun that works without a compressor (that alone is seriously amazing) it makes it easier to tote all over your home for every project and is virtually silent!, It also works just as good if not better than a nail gun that uses a compressor! This tool was my right hand man when I ran my sign shop, I used it to nail on all the frames of my signs and I nailed literally HUNDREDS of signs with this guy and it was amazing! After falling in love with the Airstrike, I decided to give a few more RYOBI tools a try, I wasn’t surprised to find that they all have been amazing and now my tool collection looks like the image below! I could literally go on about each tool in this list. All I have used many times and couldn’t live without when it comes to doing DIY projects! such as my Shiplap tutorial, wainscoting tutorial and shelf tutorial, these each have their own specific purposes and if you’re looking to expand your tool collection look no further than the list below!

Second on this Christmas gift guide we have a list of ideas for all the crafty people in your life! Lets be real we all know at least one or two people who fit this description! The crafty person loves to try new ways to express their love to create so the list below is sure to help you earn major brownie points as you help them express their love for creativity with their new Christmas Gifts! I own nearly everything on this list except for the harry potter coloring book, and the Janome sewing machine, However these are both items I would LOVE to have and know they are great products from friends and family that have raved about them.

The Silhouette cutting machine is my favorite item on the list and I’m actually in the market for a new one since I ran my old one to the ground I used it so much! This machine is so versatile! I used it for this DIY sign tutorial and this “make your own Printable tutorial as well”. I also used it for many of the projects in my Christmas home tour! You really can’t go wrong with this machine it has endless possibilities and that why I love it so much! The watercolor set I used to create this Free “Live Simply” printable and I have found that watercolor is such a fun form of expression! Everything else on this list is sure to get that crafter in your life craft’n by Christmas NIGHT!

This list is for the girly girl in me! Everything on this list except for the brush set (which I’m totally putting on my own wish list) I own and are tried and true products of my everyday make up routine! Which is a tad excessive but hey a girl is allowed to have a few vices in their life right?! Most of these products like the Hula bronzer, all the mac lipsticks, and the beauty blender, are items I’ve been using for years and I just can’t live without!

The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate’s basics palette is a newer purchase from my trip to New York this fall but I have used it every day since! I love that it has both warm and cool tones perfect for that classic smokey eye! It’s basic but beautiful and I switch up using the browns and the deep purple and plums day to day! The Shape tape Concealer from Tarte is also new to my regime but its easily become the best concealer I’ve ever used and I’ll definitely be keeping it well stocked in my makeup kit! it has amazing coverage, while not settling into fine lines and it stays put ALL DAY! I love it so much! I’m naturally a PALE girl and so finding the perfect shade of highlighter has been a tad tricky this one from Becca is my new favorite and does a great job covering my pasty white skin in shimmer! Not the chunky kind but the soft and glowey kind that makes you feel like a princess without having to wear a crown! #winning

This segment of my gift guide is a place you should always tread lightly, the wrong gift in this category could land you with divorce papers if you’re not careful so DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy your lady a mop, even if she asks for one, unless its dipped in gold and does the work itself you DO NOT buy the special people in your life cleaning products.

Now that we have that cleared up, you’re probably thinking Haley there’s a dang vacuum on this list! Yes there is and this Anker robot vacuum is the equivalent of buying your family and friends a dang maid! it works all by itself. I purchased mine back in the summer after my regular upright vacuum busted. I figured I’d just test it out and if it even just “kinda” worked it would be worth not having to run around my house every 10 min with a vacuum. I have 4 kids and 3 dogs that live in my house! I’ve tried really hard to convince them all to sleep outside but alas that plan has failed. If your house is also is filled with children, pets, ?and the random kids down the street who you don’t even know, you NEED this in your life, it works equally well on both hard flooring and carpet/rugs. It gets under the couch, which lets face it I haven’t vacuumed under in…. well never! I’ve never vacuumed under it! Its also really affordable I contemplated buying one of those pricey robot vacuum’s but now that I’ve lived with the Anker for several months I know that was totally not necessary! BUY IT. Everything else on this list are also amazing items that are sure to wow the loves in your life! but if you’re really wanting to win big just go with the vacuum OK??

This list has provided me with hours of joy this year! I’ve read and re-read each of these amazing books! I am a DIE HARD harry potter fan. It sincerely puts a smile on my face to listen to Jim Dale narrate the Harry Potter Audio books everyday so I do just that! I listen to these books everyday and i’m happier more productive and magical with them in my life. If you don’t believe me just ask my husband how many times he’s been avada kedavra’d for leaving the garbage on the street! If only I could have “reparo’ed” the glasses that my 5 year old broke last week and my life would be complete!

If you like a good fantasy to slip away into I would HIGHLY recommend The Night Circus. I listened to the Audio book version (also narrated by Jim Dale) this September, then again in October it was THE perfect fall read but it’s wonderful anytime of the year, the descriptive detail makes you feel like you’re in this magical circus and smelling and tasting all the intoxicating smells. Its wonderful!

The Help, I am also currently reading for the second time, It puts me in the mood to clean and cook but like, with a smile on my face and pep in my step I’m serious go read it! This surely doesn’t disappoint anyone one the receiving end of this phenomenon at my house! if you enjoy “story” type books this is a wonderful option.

The last one I want to touch on is the Chip and Joanna Gains Magnolia Story. YOU GUYS, I, like everyone else in the U.S. of A LOVES me some Chip and Joanna but this book made me love them even more, their dedication to God and working hard is ever apparent in this book, you get to here the funny stories from the early days of their relationship and watch as their journey to where they are today unfolds, so many little and big miracles have made up their success and I love how they shared all of it until it came full circle! Its also incredibly encouraging it makes you want to go out there dream big and make those dreams come true! If you haven’t already guessed, I also listened to this on audible, I love audible so much, and its actually narrated by Chip and Joanna making you feel like they are right in your living room!

That does it for my 2016 holiday gift guide! I hope you find this list of gifts helpful on your quest to find the perfect gift for each person on your list this year!!

XO Haley

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