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Fall Farmhouse Home Tour

Welcome to my fall farmhouse home tour! Today I am going to show you my home all spiffed up for fall! I took a different approach this year and wanted to keep things super neutral and well WHITE! as you will see! One of the things I love about dressing my home up year to year is that I am not stuck to anything in particular and can always go bold or simple depending on my mood! This year I would say I am going more…


Wainscoting Video Tutorial- Farmhouse DIY Project

Farmhouse inspired Wainscoting tutorial! You guys I am so excited to share this post with you!! This project has sat on the back burner for 7 months!!!! I have had every single piece of wood and bucket of paint to get this done sitting in my garage all that time! This is just how life goes right!? You get super pumped about a project and you get it all planned out you purchase the supplies and then reality smacks you in the face and reminds you…

DIY, Halloween Decor

DIY Farmhouse Inspired Halloween Sign

DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. this is the post where I divulge some of my major sign making secrets!!! If you don’t know, I ran a successful sign shop for 3 years before recently quitting to blog full time! I have tried about every which way possible to make signs over the years making literally thousands!  and today I’m gonna give you all the details!!