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How to Paint Furniture-An Introduction to Furniture Painting

An introduction to furniture painting and the first of many articles covering all my tips and tricks on how to paint furniture. Specifically thrifted or antique furniture you are ready to give a facelift! As a blogger I often get asked the same questions over and over! How to paint furniture is at the very top of the question list!

How to Paint Furniture

I am so excited to start this instructional how to paint furniture series! To really dive into all the ins and outs of painting furniture! It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a paint brush before! This series will teach you all the very basics of furniture painting. And will also dive deeper into trouble shooting tips as well! I hope that this series will be beneficial to not only the newest furniture painters, but also those who have painted several pieces as well!

Put Your Furniture Painting Fears To Rest

I have had so many of my friends and readers share that they are too scared to make over furniture. For fear that they will either mess it up or it wont turn out as good as those they see online. The truth is once you unlock the basic skills and trouble shooting tips you can lay those fears to rest! It may not be perfect the first time you try, and that’s ok!? But each successive attempt will help you get that much closer to unlocking the amazing furniture painting skills you didn’t even know you had!

The Different Aspects of Painting Furniture

There is a lot more that goes into furniture painting besides just picking up a paint brush and slapping on any old paint from the home improvement store. If you have perhaps failed in the past when trying to paint furniture you can rest assured that there was probably one if not more reasons why that project failed. I am going to cover the following topics to help you under stand each step of the furniture painting process to really help you get the best results from you next furniture painting adventure!

The Essential Tools for Furniture Painting

Tips for Buying Furniture Online From Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace?

How To Prep Furniture That Is Already Painted

How To Re-Paint Furniture That Was Previously Painted Using Chalk Paint

How to Minimally Distress Chalk Painted Furniture

The Best Top Coat for high Traffic Furniture and How to Apply It?

How to Prep Furniture for a Chippy Farmhouse Finish


The Paints I recommend For Furniture Painting

What Paint is Right for Your Furniture Painting Project

How to Prep you Various Furniture Painting Projects

How to Paint Furniture Using Chalk Paint

How to Paint Furniture Using Milk Paint

How to Paint Distress Furniture When Using Milk Paint

How to Distress Furniture When Using Chalk Paint

How to Paint Plastic of Faux Furniture

How Finish and Seal Your Painted Furniture Project

Why Your Past Furniture Painting Projects May Have Failed

Trouble Shooting Tips for Furniture Painting

Picking the Right Color For Your Furniture Painting Project

Everything You Need to Know About Furniture Hardware

Thrifted Furniture: How to Find the BEST Thrifted Furniture To Makeover

How to Use your Furniture Painting Skills to Furnish Your Entire Home Practically For Free!

Why I love Furniture Painting!

I am passionate about furniture painting because it has helped me transform my home literally making it magazine worthy on a newlywed budget! When my husband and I bought our first home we had little left in our budget for home d?cor and furniture. I however was not about to let a non existent budget stop me from making our house the home I’d always envisioned it could be! I was on a mission to make my almost laughable budget stretch as far as I could.

The Key to My Home Decorating Woes

I started with my local Craig’s List. After hauling home my first set of treasures I was hooked! I found la new ove for f Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint! But I also knew I had just unlocked the key to making my home the home of my dreams! I realized the items I loved at Pottery Barn and other similar stores, I could re-create and for SO MUCH less!

The journey of making over or as I like to call it “furniture flipping”, was not all perfect. I sure had my share of mistakes. But with each mistake I made, I learned and knew better what not to do next time. I was able to pick better pieces of furniture. My style evolved and I began to understand what pieces worked not only better structurally but aesthetically in my home. I found which paint brands were worth the price tag and which were not! This and so much more.

The Real Treasure In My Online Furniture Finds

But the real treasure was I was that I? able to afford the home d?cor of my dreams. At last I had taken my house and turned it into a real home I was proud of. One I love to entertain in and share with those I love most! I hope that this series gives you that power too. To really have a home that brings you joy and makes you happy to share with those who mean the most to you!

Please feel free to message me if you have any additional questions!. I am by all means not an expert!Just a girl who has tried and failed enough to know a little more than your average jo! With that said I am always looking to learn even more so please feel free to share! Together we can be better furniture painters!!

Additionally you can find the entire video playlist for this series HERE.

XO Haley

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  1. I am new at painting furniture. Is it Possible to paint over a kitchen table with white paint that previously has been painted green? Do You recommend trying this? If so what pointers do you have for me.

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