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How to Make a Ruffled Farmhouse Throw Blanket

Hello there!! Its time for a new tutorial!! I went through a dry spell this summer where I didn’t share very many tutorials with you guys so I am making up for it this Christmas!!! Today I am excited to share how I made this farmhouse ruffled throw blanket! I am not the best seamstress in the world so any sewing project I share I promise will be simple and easy to execute!!!

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I started with some pretty gray ticking stripe fabric. This fabric was actually left over from when I re-covered my dining room chairs! Meaning this project cost me pretty much nothing since I used left over fabric from a different project! I find that sometimes I get the most inspiration or creativity from using items I already have! Are you like that too?!

I know some of you might ask why not just use specific settings on my sewing machine or a ruffled foot to create the ruffles. You see my sewing machine is kind of a… jerk!! lol I’m not even kidding its really finicky so I never know if we are going to have a quick and easy project or if I’m going to spend 12 hours fighting my machine. This basically means that I cannot use those types of “convenient” settings because my machine refuses to function in any other mode but a straight line and that is not always reliable either! If you are fortunate to have a machine that is not a jerk, by all means make the ruffles with your machine!

I have videoed the entire process top to bottom to share how I made this throw! I made it for my Christmas home tour but lets be honest it is something I’ll be able to use all year which I love!

Project Supply List to Make a Ruffled Farmhouse Throw

Sewing Machine

Sewing Scissors

Straight Pins

White Thread

Darning Needle

Crochet Floss ( I used this because it is stronger and wont break as you adjust the ruffles)

Measuring Tape (Or you can just wing it like I did!)

Gray Ticking Stripe Fabric

I hope you enjoyed this Farmhouse Ruffled Throw Blanket tutorial!! If you would like to save this idea for later be sure to pin the image below!

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