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How to Make a Pallet Wood Serving Tray

I was late to jump on the pallet wood train. I’m not sure why I resisted for so long but I have mended my ways and I officially get it! Free weathered wood. Say no more. I picked a few pallets up last summer from my Sister In Law who had just moved and the previous owners left all kinds of goodies. One of them being these pallets. I set to work one night and started to pull them apart. The first plank I used simply to hang some stockings above the bed in my guest room for Christmas. You can see that HERE. That’s all it took for me to get the itch to really do something with it! Several DIY’s were eventually produced out of that first pallet! I have already shared a really cool industrial frame in THIS POST in case you missed it! Today I will be sharing how I made this pallet wood serving tray!

I often forget that DIY does not mean I need to start ripping out walls or re-paint the whole down stairs! Sometimes the best way to get my DIY fix is by doing something simple that I can accomplish in a few hours!! Even if my 2 hour project turns into a 3 day project (kids) that’s OK too! Its always great to have a little something I can work on and just feel as though I have accomplished or learned something!

Through each project I tackle, big or small there is always a take away. Maybe I learned that’s exactly how NOT to, cut ,saw, or make something, or maybe I’ve learned a small skill or trick that will make future projects easier! Its so fun to get your toes wet on a simple DIY like this one. It will also probably help you determine if this DIY thing is really all its chalked up to be! You may determine after chucking your project across the lawn 5 times ( guilty) that maybe making stuff is a whole heck of a lot more work than you imagined and perhaps you’ll stick to just buying items from the store!! That’s OK too!

The point is that you have tried something new! I know as a stay at home Mom that there can be so much gratification from trying something outside of your sacred motherly duties! I encourage you to maybe tackle something new this week!! Perhaps this tray might even be just the thing!!

I hope you find this DIY video tutorial helpful as you work step by step to make your own pallet wood serving tray! Below this video I will also link a list of supplies I used to create this particular project incase you are a little stumped on how this all came together!! It may even be a great starting point if you don’t have any tools yet so that you will have the right things to get you going for this DIY and future DIY’s!

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Pallet Wood about 6 planks

1/4 inch Plywood


Chop Saw

Measuring Tape

Foam Sanding Block

Wood Glue

3/4 inch Brad Nails

Nail Gun (a hammer will also work)

Decorative Knobs

Liquid Nail Adhesive

That concludes this farmhouse inspired pallet wood serving tray DIY! for more farmhouse inspired DIY’s both big and small I have linked a few below! Also be sure to pin the image below to save this idea for later! thank you oh so much for stopping by today! I am so glad to have been able to share a few moments with you!!

XO Haley

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    1. Thank you so much Josie!! the blue and white china is from a few years ago at Maceys called Devons Cottage I believe. I am not sure if they still have it. The white large plate on the bottom I got at goodwill and the little white bowl was from home goods! Hope that answered your questions!

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