Free Printable Saturday-Live Simply Watercolor Wreath

About a year ago I got the bug to try my hand at watercolor! I’ve thought about it more and more and finally purchased some supplies to get started.?My supplies arrived in the mail today and I really couldn’t wait to dive in so I didn’t!!! I had been watching watercolor tutorials all week to keep me busy while I waited for my paints to arrive! I found a quick tutorial on wreaths and here you go! my very first watercolor ever! ?As the message indicates “live simply” I did a very simple wreath for my first try!

Every year I try to learn new skills, this has included a variety of things like crochet, knitting, sign making, quilting,?and photography! I usually stick to a certain subject until I feel like I have mastered it or I’ve decided I simply should just leave it to the pros!! Thankfully Rachel has picked up the slack where quilting is concerned but a few of my hobbies have turned into skills I use almost every day and actually help support my family.

I often use watercolor vectors of another artist for my blog and for free printables. But I find that I’m usually after something very specific and I can’t always nail down what I’m looking for! ?SO I think It’s high time I learned how to do it myself! I’m excited to try my hand more at this and learn some new techniques and skills!

With the power of YouTube, there really isn’t much you can’t teach yourself for free these days! Watching a bunch of tutorials surely won’t make me an expert at anything so here’s to getting some actual practice!

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Live Simply Watercolor Free Printable

10 Comments on “Free Printable Saturday-Live Simply Watercolor Wreath

  1. Hi Haley,

    I cannot seem to save the live simply image from you blog. Every time I click on it, it’s not opening as an image that can be saved. I’m on an Mac computer and not sure if that’s the issue but it will not let me save it. Are you by any chance able to email me your "farmhouse" collection of printables? I absolutely LOVE them but just can’t get them saved. My email is
    Thanks so much. Carla

    1. You should be able to click on the download button at the bottom of the post that will let you access each of the prints! I hope that answers your question! let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. I just wandered here after doing a search for this saying…There is no ‘download’ button visible for me.

  3. I can’t find a download button for this printable. I’ve tried all the pictures as well as the link in the printable section, which just brings me back here. Any help for that?

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