FREE PRINTABLE SATURDAY-Home is wherever I’m with you

Free Printable- Home is wherever I’m with you- From The Mountain View Cottage

I would like to officially declare Saturday’s as free printable days!! The first free printable I’m sharing is a bit of a lovey-dovey one since it’s nearly Valentine’s day! “Home is wherever I’m with you”. I have always loved this quote and think this free printable can really resonate with so many people.

Just a few days after my husband and I were engaged he moved several thousand miles away for work. It was a hard time for both of us! He worked a very labor-intensive job, and I was working and going to school full time! since he was gone I ended up having to do our wedding registry alone, find an apartment and figured out all that “grown-up stuff” solo! ?I was so stressed out one day from all that was on my shoulders that as I was pulling out of what would become our first apartment complex I mindlessly backed right into another car. I sat in the parking lot and sobbed for a min, and then got out and realized that there wasn’t a scratch or dent on either car. I resolved to pull myself together put my big girl panties on and just handle everything that was on my plate! Instead of dwelling on things that were out of my control and causing bigger problems (like a near trip to the auto repair shop!).?Devin ( my husband) came home a few days later and we were married in about 72 hours!! It was a crazy time in our lives but we are both better for it!

This free printable “home is wherever I’m with you” is so true! It didn’t matter where we lived, it could have been a cardboard box! We were just so happy to be together! I hope you enjoy this free printable and it brings a little smile to your face as you reflect on your own relationships and all that you have been through together!!

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XO Haley

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  1. Hello!
    I just discovered your website from Pinterest and I am in love with all of your designs! Thank you so much for offering free downloads of your work – you have made my home and life much more beautiful 🙂

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