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Last week I asked you my wonderful readers what kinds of free printables you would like to see! I got an overwhelming response for free nursery printables! So here they are!! Decorating my 4 kids nursery’s has been one of my absolute favorite things to do of all time!! There is just something so special about preparing for these sweet little babies to enter into our homes! It also helped put my anxious mind at ease and gave me something else to focus on instead of counting down the minuets until their arrivals!

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I have shared lots of projects and images of my 4th surprise baby girls nursery! You can read more about her story and see her beautiful nursery HERE. But I haven’t talked as much or at all about my twin boys nursery!! So let me tell you a funny story about parenthood!!

A few days before my 20th birthday and about 9 months after my sweet husband and I were married I started to feel “off” I decided what the heck lets take a pregnancy test. I took the test so SURE that it would be negative and left it on the back of the toilet. It was pretty late and my husband had already left for his night job and so I forgot all about it and went about scrubbing our little one bedroom apartment. A few hours passed before I remembered I had some test results waiting for me. I about fainted right there on the bathroom floor when I saw those two pink lines!!

I hysterically called my husband and told him “I think” I might be pregnant (I obviously had no Idea what I was doing!!) I felt an incredible mix of emotions I felt SO unprepared and not ready! We had these grand plans to wait 5 years before having any kids and here we were just 9 months in and those plans were derailed. He being the wonderful person of reason and oh so kind talked me down and was genuinely excited! I told him I still wasn’t so sure so I ran to Walmart and grabbed several more tests.?It was now about ?12 a.m. and I took them all! Each one confirmed a little deeper that I was indeed pregnant .

Fast forward a few weeks and I had about a min to let this news settle in and I was beginning to come around to how wonderful this little surprise blessing was. Unfortunately things kind of took a turn for the worst and I found myself in the ER sure that I was having a miscarriage. My husband and I waited all night and finally at 1 in the morning were taken back for what would be our first ultrasound.

I was prepared to hear words that would confirm that I was miscarrying. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the TWO distinctly flashing little heartbeats that instantly lit up the screen. My jaw fell to the floor and then I began to laugh uncontrollably as both my husband I discovered right there in the E.R at 1 a.m that our path to parenthood was about to be a wild wild ride!!

These little boys were naughty from the very start! We had a very… shall I say interesting pregnancy and these little boys threw us for a loop week after week. By 28 weeks I was on hospital bedrest as they were trying to come much too soon. I was thankfully discharged a few weeks later on Christmas Eve. Four more weeks passed and I eventually had a planned C-section at 34.5 days since they were no longer growing like they should.

I woke up at 4 am the morning I was supposed to go to the hospital and meet them and wouldn’t you know my water broke. I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet (I don’t know that just seemed like the thing to do!). We had been staying at my parents house so that my mom could help take care of me and keep me off my feet. She came running in where she found me laughing once again uncontrollably. “why on earth are you laughing right now?” was her response and I said well because “OF COURSE this would happen these boys sure as heck weren’t about to behave today!”? My Mom then told me to quit laughing and hurry up because I wasn’t going to be laughing for very long!!

Boy was she right (mothers always are!) By the time we got to the hospital I was in labor full force. It happened so hard and fast and I was totally unprepared!

Thankfully I was only about an hour ahead of schedule so they were already prepping for me. My sweet boys arrived at 6:01 and 6:02 am! they stayed in the NICU for a little over 3 weeks and were such angles.

I must confess,?I began to wonder how these sweet boys were the trouble makers that I saw on sonograms nearly a hundred times before actually meeting them.

They put on a GLORIOUS show for the first 18 months of their lives. They slept and snuggled and were complete and utter angle babies! I was beyond blessed they were such amazing babies. And then just like that one day they woke up and they started walking! Way late at 18 and 19 months and the real reign of terror began!!! The BEAUTIFUL nursery I had designed and planned was caput in about 5 min after they began to walk.

Within about 3 weeks of turning 2,?they took off their closet doors and used them as a slide from the top shelf of their closet, they destroyed and I mean literally a hundred pieces their beautiful new dresser, and the day they started climbing out of their cribs was the last time I remember sleeping with both eyes closed!!

Thankfully something magical happened around the time they were 4 and a half and while they are still the same little mischievous boys they have calmed down considerably and I wonder less and less if they will actually survive themselves!!

I tell you this story not to discourage you that your beautiful nursery will be utterly destroyed by your children. I have come to find that its usually not the case because both my girls rooms are still in tact. But rather to let you know that I know just how quickly life changes and how “our plans” even made with the best intentions get derailed and how it always ends up being so much better in the end.

The first 5 years of our marriage ended up being the greatest adventure of my whole life! while I could have never planned it I am for ever grateful for these sweet little boys who have taught me more about life than anything else ever could! !!! It has certainly not been without its trials and I may have threatened to “quit” more than once during their “lets get naked and run away phase” but It sure as heck has been worth it!

I hope you enjoy these free nursery prints I am sharing today!


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I prefer to print on a heavier weighted paper such as cardstock but regular printer paper will also work. Print at home using your printers “best quality” settings for best results. Files are made only to print at the standard paper size 8.5×11 inches. Trying to print larger may result in grainy or pixilated images or warnings of poor print quality. However, you are not prohibited from changing the files size. Larger files are not available at this time for large scale printing. Commercial use not available.


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Use them to create signs, aprons, pictures? & displays for your own homes is perfectly OK. Gift the printable to a friend or family member. Use them to decorate an event or party. As long as the event is not a paid for event you can use them in your d?cor.


I love it when other bloggers or readers share these free printables with their followers! I do have a few rules I ask that you keep in mind when sharing:

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Lastly ENJOY!!! I cannot wait to see you display these in your homes and I truly love seeing how you use them!



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  1. Hi Haley,
    Thanks for your generousity sharing all these amazing printables, unfortunately whenever I try to download it sends me to a page of random letters etc. Just thought you should be aware 🙂

    1. Hello Jillian! I have just updated the format in which you save and print these printables! You should find that its much simpler and solves the previous issues you were running into! Just refer to the updated instructions at the bottom of this post and be sure to do this on a computer as this method wont work for mobile devices! I hope that helps!

  2. I was hoping to get one of the prints enlarged to 3x 3 foot for my newborns nursery….do they come in any high resolution? The print shop said it was low quality and wouldn’t be able to enlarge that big. Love these free printable, thank you so much!!!

  3. Hi I was wondering if you can make other quotes in the same style? Such as
    ?Let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains?

  4. Hi there! I am trying to download but it is no longer a link to click. It also has a question mark after it. Please let me know if I am able to download still. Thank you!

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