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Farmhouse Spring Home Tour Part 2

Time for part two of my farmhouse inspired spring home tour! Today you get to see my dining room! This room has seen the most change since last spring! I am loving the results from the changes since then! Being able to dress it up for the first time since making some switches was really fun and was testimony that I had made the right choices since it flowed so much simpler and was much easier to style! This ?was ultimately my goal when I decided I wanted to make these changes!! I think its easy to look at any home d?cor blogger and thing “that would never work for my home, or that’s too much work to achieve” I can 100% assure you that I too crave simplicity and ease of design! If I find that a room stumps me or is frustrating to decorate I get a little overwhelmed and start trying to figure out ways to make the job easier!! That was the case a few weeks ago as I was making the preparations for this spring home tour! One of the things I often test out before starting from scratch is simply switching out furniture from other areas of my home! I am surprised by how often this does the trick and its also cost effective!

Spring Dining Room Video Tour

The biggest change to my farmhouse inspired home is in the dining room! THESE shelves which I installed a year ago got the boot!! You might be thinking?! She had those up less than a year why on earth did she change those! Promise me I know I loved them too, so here is the breakdown of why I took them down!

For starters were are 9 feet long EACH that is a lot of area to decorate. You know I love to change things from season to season and I felt like they became hoarders of all my d?cor just so I could try and fill them! As each season came and went and it came time to style them again, I felt stumped and trying to get them fully decorated kind of just became a pain in the butt! Ultimately those reason were why they came down. However I also had this beautiful hutch that has kept my kitchen/ living room company since I painted it several years ago.

This is a part of my home that I don’t really share very often with you all. First of all its in a very dark portion of my home so I am never really satisfied with how the pictures turn out. But more importantly its the portion of our home that is typically filled with 10 baskets of laundry,?it also just so happens to be mykids favorite spot to wipe snot on our dark gray couch,?keeping up with the couch could easily be a full time job! But more importantly my family really just needs an area in our home that is all theirs!! So I rarely bother to stage it for photos. However this hutch was just too pretty to hide out in there so I got the crazy harebrained idea that I would just switch it out with the shelves! It also frees up a wall in there to one day add some kitchen cabinets to add some storage to our kitchen with an area for a computer desk.

Once I had decided to make the switcheroo I immediately started thinking what projects I could then tackle with these amazing shelves I now had left over!!? If you follow my insta stories you already know exactly what I did with them! They made their way upstairs to my guest bedroom closet which was before filled with a mosh posh of random things and is now my glorified d?cor and craft closet! I am still working on the details but you will get to see the full post very soon! While you’re waiting for me to reveal the closet be sure to take a peek of the guest room ready for spring which I shared withfull video tour yesterday HERE.

Making the switch was fairly simple I patched the holes where the old shelves had been installed and then I just did a fresh coat of white paint. If you want to know more about my favorite white paint colors this post will share all my tips, tricks and favorite products! If you couldn’t already tell I love white walls! I love to buy my paint in 5 gallon buckts so that I have left over for other projects and touch ups!!

Its been a couple weeks now since we move the hutch into the dining room and I knew immediately that this was a much better fit! While I loved the shelves despite what a beast they were to decorate, I feel like the hutch just fits the feel of this space so much better and over all completes it in a way the shelves did not!

The next change came with another swap up! I moved the natural fiber rug out of our family room and under the dining table! My husband has secretly (ok not so secretly) hated this rug from day one! I honestly can’t blame him its not soft and comfortable like you would hope for a family room rug! But under the dining room table is a much better fit!! The blue rug that was in this room before was also a tad too small. I am still debating on what I’ll end up doing with it! but for now its taking up some realestate in my master bedroom.

Dining Room Source List

(For your convenience this source list contains affiliate links)

Natural Fiber Rug

Curtain Rods

Wood 5 Glass Votive Holder

Rusty Potting Plants Set of 3

Hutch, Table and Chairs- Craigslist finds

Rug- Rugs USA (this one is similar)

Table Runner-Goodwill

Ironstone Bowl and Casserole Dish-Thrift Store Finds

Flowers-Fresh from a local nursery

White Mugs in Hutch -Shabby Chic Collection from Target

Blue Glass Jars and other white ceramic ware in hutch-Thrifted/Antique Store Finds

Drapes-Plow and Hearth

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my farmhouse spring home tour!! I will finish up to tour tomorrow with the living room!! I can’t wait to show you how it turned out!! If you missed part 1 you can find it HERE!

Have a wonderful rest of your day and thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your sweet comments and feed back and I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have!

-XO Haley

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