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Farmhouse Spring Home Tour-Part 1

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Hello there!! I am so excited to have you join me today for Part 1 of my farmhouse inspired spring home tour! If you are popping in from Belle Amour Blog from day one of the Joyful Spring home tour I am so happy to have you here! My name is Haley I am a southern Arizona native who married her high school sweetheart, we were married at 19 and welcomed baby number 4 just a few weeks after my 25th birthday! Its been a wild ride and I love this beautiful life regardless of how crazy it seems on a regular basis!!

Somewhere along this journey I found myself itching to create! It started with crocheting rags which my mother taught me to do,?and eventually morphed into a crochet and quilting blog I ran with my incredible cousin, who also happened to marry my brother in-law (score!!)! That eventually turned into an online shop where I sold painted wood signs and Rachel made all the pretty sewn and quilted things. She still does in fact the quilt and pillows on the bed she made specifically for our this spring home tour. She is my right hand woman when it comes to decorating and keeps me sane in all other areas of my life too!

I decided a year ago that change was on the horizon. After running our shop for over 3 years I was ready for the “next thing”. Ultimately I closed my portion of our shop in August of 2015 stopped making signs and decided to dive headfirst into the land of blogging once again! You can read more about the details of that journey in this post.

I am so humbled by what has taken place in this last year. I love that I have more time with my kids and husband and spend less time packing orders and making products! I love that this new “job” allows me to do my absolute favorite thing which is renovate, DIY and decorate my own home!! and every now and then people show up to take a look at what I’ve done (thank you!!!). I love sharing my projects here on this blog. I especially love to share them in a way that makes it easy for you to replicate these projects and ideas and so I share nearly all my How to’s in video form you can see all those on my YouTube channel. Video captures the details of a project that are missed in picture tutorials and I want to arm you with as much info before you tackle a projects as possible.

I want more than anything to encourage women to not be afraid to pick up their “husbands tools” to no longer have to wait around until “someone more qualified” can help you get a project done! I live my life fearlessly and if there is a project to tackle, I take it head on and it rarely crosses my mind that perhaps I am not qualified to build things or transform things with big power tools. Trust me I am still probably not qualified but I refuse to let fear hold me back so I try and I learn and I fail and I try some more!

I hope that when you watch my insta stories,? my videos,?and read the pages of this blog you decide that you too are strong enough, smart enough and brave enough to tackle your home projects and you will soon find that as you start trying, little by little you are so much more capable than you could ever imagine!

I promise I would have laughed in your face if you told me 4 years ago that I would know how to use a chop saw, table saw, nail gun and used them on a weekly basis and I still have all my limbs and appendages in tact! This I assure you is nothing short of a miracle!

My hope is that you stop letting fear get in your way. Don’t worry if you “might” not love the paint color you choose 5 years from now if you have little kids like me the chances are it will need to be freshened up by then anyway. Don’t fret if the first thing you build isn’t perfect. Even if you try and fail, you have accomplished so much more than if you never even begin. I hope that you decided to make your home “yours” of course you must also make sure the other inhabitants are on the same page, but gone are the days of “someday” I hope today you find yourself picking up a paintbrush or even just go get a deck of paint samples from your local hardware store! Because living in a home you are proud of and love is something each and everyone of you deserve!

I hope you decided to live fearlessly, you will be surprised how it transforms more than just the walls you live in. I promise.

Now that we have gotten that pep talk out of the way! LOL its time for me to share a little more about this space. I love this room for all the things that it has held! When we first moved into our home my 16 year old cousin lived here! Equipped with wood bunk beds and a few posters of her beloved Justin Bieber! It was such a wonderful experience to have her live in our home. She also single handedly helped me survive toddler twin boys!?One morning they unceremoniously stripped down naked and ran out the front door while I was trying to shower!?She managed to hear their wicked giggles and coax them back inside before I could even finish conditioning my hair!?She has taught me so much more about love and tolerance, about independence and what it truly means to be strong! If she is reading this I hope she knows she always has a home here and that I love her guts!

When she moved out I then transformed it into a nursery for our surprise baby number 4. Surprise in the way that we had decided not to find out the gender until delivery. Shiplaping the walls and painting, planning and decorating this room was cathartic as I waited patiently for this little baby to arrive. Never in my life have I been so surprised or awed as I was the day of HER birth. Months of being convinced “she” was actually a boy but secretly wishing for a girl to even up the ranks had me in absolute tears when my husband announced to the delivery room that this little baby we had prayed so hard for was a girl! Her big sister and two older brothers are her biggest fans!

My older daughter decided a few months ago that she wanted to share a room with her! So she got her wish and this room was transformed into a guest room. I truly love this room it just makes me happy the memories here are just so sweet and dressing it up season after season makes my soul smile a little.

Lets touch on some of the newest updates to this room! if you saw my most recent tour of this room in THIS post you’ll know that many things have stayed the same! But there are a few changes! My most favorite update is these gorgeous sconces from hayneedle.com I have wanted to add some sconces to this room for quite some time and these were just the perfect style and color!! You can find them in the source list below.

The other changes you will have to wait to see until next week! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my insta stories you’ll know that I have been doing some major changes to the closet in this room! I have wanted a “craft closet” for quite some time so it is finally shaping up to be the space that I have always dreamed of!

Since this room is just the guest room no clothing is stored in the closet. I decided that it made no sense to keep the hanging rod in there so I took it down added a little shiplap and some stained pine shelves! I can’t wait to share the video/images and full details next week!

I’ll also be share two more spaces in my home ready for spring later this week! I was afraid I might overwhelm you if I tried to share each of those spaces in on long post so you’ll have to forgive me!!! I can however share a little secret! Each room got their own little video tour!! So I promise they will be worth the wait!

Spring Bedroom Source List:

please click the links for full details

Bear Paw Quilt

Wood Button/Tan Pillows

Tan Tie and Blue Ticking Pillows

Crochet Edge White Standard Pillows-Made by my Momma!

Wood Jenny Lind Bed-Goodwill

Gray Nightstands Dresser Mirror-Craigslist

White Faux Mantle Shelf-DIY HERE

Shiplap-Tutorial HERE

Fresh Flowers-Local Market

Small Wood Crate-HomeGoods

Cream Pitcher-HomeGoods

White Drapes-HomeGoods

Wood Wire Frame on Dresser-DIY Tutorial HERE

Gray Quilt Star Sign-Tutorial HERE

Nora Vases

White Vases

Bronze Crystal Chandelier

White Ruffle Bedskirt

Black Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconces

Tan Throw Blanket

Wood Scroll Wall Art

Brushed Nickel Curtain Rod

Shutter Gray MMS Milk Paint in the Color Shutter Gray (dresser and nightstands)

I sincerely from the bottom of my heart want to thank you all for stopping by my blog. I hope you leave today inspired uplifted encouraged and ready to tackle the spaces in your own home! You all inspire me and encourage me so much and I always love to read your sweet comments and feed back! You make sharing well worth it!! So thank you!!

My sweet friends have also shared their beautiful homes for this Joyful Spring home tour! I promise you won’t be disappointed to see how each of them have beautifully decorated their unique spaces for this the ?season of new beginnings!! you can see the line up for each day below! Next on the line up for today is the ever talented Kim from Kim Power Style! If you love farmhouse d?cor as much I do I promise you will love every corner of her home!!

XO Haley

To enter hayneedle’s $250 giveaway click here! This contest will close March 20th 2017

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See you later this week for part 2 of my Spring home tour!

XO Haley

12 Comments on “Farmhouse Spring Home Tour-Part 1

  1. Such an empowering post! I really need to get over my fear of power tools because waiting around for my hubby to get to our project list can be painful sometimes! LOL Your guest room is always one that has me oogling it for a long time because it’s just pure perfection! Great job!

  2. Hi Haley! Loved this room, all the details, it’s so calm and beautiful! And I love what you wrote, usually just starting is the hardest part of a project.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Haley! Loved it all and the addition of the video was awesome! I’v definitely got that on my list of to do’s. I was married at 20 and had my 3 girls by 23 so we have a little in common 😉

  4. Such a beautiful guest room. Love the sconces from hayneedle and the quilt on the bed. Every little detail you added is just gorgeous. I love your style!

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