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Now that the new year has arrived I find myself looking around my home and feeling like I need to clean and organize every nook and cranny!!! This happens every year and I start throwing things out and making lists of things that need to get purged and re-organized. I am far from being an organization guru but it is something I sure as heck love to do and I find myself often very inspired by others who seem to have it all together. The reality is that when I opened my pantry today which was the first space in our home to get purged and organized, about 10 bags of snacks fell on the floor the shelf I had dubbed just for canned goods is now full of random boxes and bags of food and also has a sticky finish from honey that had been spilled all over it. This my friends is simply the joys of having children. Thankfully I love them more than my organized pantry and while I surly could spend every waking hour of my day organizing and then re-organizing the things my kids have undone. It doesn’t make for a productive or happy life. I’ve learned I just have to let go of certain areas for my sanity and my children’s well being. This is OK and one day I’m sure I’ll take the mess over the quite organized spaces.

For now I try to focus on the areas of my home that I have control of. Our office space is one of those areas and I find my self in desperate need of some better systems and bins to corral the endless papers cords and office supplies! I decided to create a mood board to get my inspiration going and kick me into full gear as I tackle the small office area of our home and make it neat and tidy again. I hope you find this farmhouse inspired office organization inspirational as well and if you are wanting to tackle a organization project in your home you get inspired to do just that!!! for more farmhouse inspired mood boards be sure to check out these posts as well:

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Farmhouse Cream and Stained Desk

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Cream Set of 3 Wood Bins

White slip-covered chair

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Wood/Metal Clock

Tribal Rug

Wire Baskets

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