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Farmhouse Kitchen Finds From Amazon

Hey my friends!! Welcome back for a new post where I share some of my favorite farmhouse d?cor finds from Amazon! This time I am sharing my current favorite finds for the Kitchen. I think we often feel a little stumped (at least I do) when it comes to kitchen d?cor, trying to find the balance between keeping your space practical but also cute can be some what of a chore! But I think we often over look that the practical things we use in the kitchen can also be cute and decorative! I’m sharing a little bit of both so that you can hopefully feel inspired by new ways to decorate in your kitchen in that sought after farmhouse style! 

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Farmhouse Style Kitchen D?cor Finds From Amazon

simply click each link to find the items I have shown in the image below

Rick and Judy?s Farmhouse Sign

Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Aqua Kitchen Scale

Blue Honey Bee Glass Juice Cups

Blessings Jar

French Concrete Utensil Jar

Wood Farmhouse Baking Measuring Spoon Set

Metal Measuring Cup Set

Aqua Farmhouse Salt and Pepper Shakers

Be Full of Joy Dark Gray Tea Towel

I love help with the dishes Tea Towel

Creamery Black and White Tea Towel

Set of 3 Green topiaries

Glass and Metal set of 3 Vases

Farmhouse Kitchen Plates Set of 4

Farmhouse 3 tiered stand

Farmhouse Ivory Bread Box

Metal Wire Farmhouse Pendant Light

Farmhouse Dough Bowl

I hope you enjoy these items I have shared to help you decorate your kitchen in that farmhouse style! Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!!! Also be sure to pin the image above so that you can tuck this idea away for later!! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

XO Haley


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