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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar-Farmhouse Inspired

Hello there and welcome to my very first Christmas tutorial of the season a farmhouse inspired Christmas advent calendar!! I am so excited to finally have these Christmas projects at a place where I get to now share them with you!!! This Christmas advent calendar ?and many more Christmas tutorials this year will all be shown through video! ?I’m a visual person and so I love when projects I’m trying to create are being shared via video! Less guessing and more doing! I hope you enjoy my farmhouse inspired Christmas Advent calendar! Below you will find the full supply list that I promised in the video! just click the links to be transported to the online store that supplies each product! for your convenience this post contains affiliate links. As always if you have any questions just shoot me a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Supply List:

VIDEO Tutorial

Making The Bags

  • Start by cutting a 12 inch by 6 inch piece of fabric from your drop cloth
  • Fold the long edge over 1/2 and inch and sew along the edge- this is where you will thread through your yarn.
  • Once the top is sewn fold the entire thing in half with the edge you just sewed facing outward,?and sew the outer side edge and the bottom.
  • Cut the bottom corners of the bag off so that they lay flat and are nice and square using your fabric scissors.
  • Turn the bag right side out
  • Using a large yarn needle thread the yarn.
  • Insert your needle into the top of your bag near the side seam and thread the yarn all the way through the little pocket you sewed at the top coming out the other side near the seam.
  • Cut your yarn and tie little knots at the end of your yarn so it doesn’t slip through.
  • Use your silhouette cutting machine to cut out numbers that er 2.5 inches large 1-25
  • Weed your vinyl creating a stencil
  • Add transfer tape over top of the stencil.
  • Remove the back paper off your vinyl and place the stencil on the the front center of the bag sticky side down.
  • Rub the stencil and press it down on the bag so it sticks well
  • Remove the transfer tape
  • Use your matte black paint and craft paint brush to stipple the letter onto the bag
  • Let it dry for a few minuets and carefully remove the stencil.
  • repeat for all 25 0r 12 bags

Making The Wood Frame:

  • Start by cutting your wood furring strips as so:
    • 2- 32 inch pieces
    • 12- 25 inch pieces
  • Optional stain the pieces with dark walnut stain and let dry 24-48 hours
  • Place the two 32 inch pieces vertically on the ground and evenly space the 25 inch pieces on the top creating a grid like you see in the far right diagram below.
  • Secure the wood slats to the 32 inch pieces with a hammer and nails or nail gun.
  • use a dry brush and very little paint to lightly brush the paint onto the entire frame, making horizontal and vertical strokes as you go to create “hash” marks on the wood.
  • Let dry and then use a foam sanding block to distress the paint a little more
  • lay out the bags on the finished frame and use pencil to mark where you want them to go
  • Use your hammer and nails to add hooks into each slat to tie the bags too.
  • Tie on all bags and prop up on your favorite shelf or wall
  • Fill with candies or scriptures and you are done!

That completes this farmhouse inspired Christmas advent calendar! I hope you found this tutorial helpful and it inspires you to go out and create one too! be sure to pin the image below to save this idea for later! thanks so much for watching and reading! Can’t wait to share what other Christmas tutorials I have in store later this week!

XO Haley

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