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Craft Closet Organization-Farmhouse Inspired

Its been 4 month since I finished this project.?Since then,?I’ve had some time to really embrace this organization system so instead of just being pretty I can also vouch for it being 100%?functional, because lets be honest functional trumps looks when it comes to organizing! Although I, just like the next girl loves a pretty space,?if it doesn’t work and I cannot realistically keep up with it than its ultimately a failed attempt!?This busy Mom, doesn’t have time to waste on organization systems that are lackluster and are impossible to upkeep, but finding that perfect system isn’t as easy as it looks and I certainly have tried many other ways before finally getting it right! So without further a-do Its high time I share with you my craft closet organization makeover!!!! At the bottom of this post I have a full video tour of this space! Don’t forget to check that out before you go!

This closet is located in our guest room that I often stage and share on my blog and Instagram as a source of d?cor inspiration. The closet originally had those lovely sliding doors that kids love to pull of the tracks! These were no exception and the sliding doors actually limit access to the entire square footage of the closet. The first thing on my list was ditch the doors. My kids helped me get a head start and half the set was already off the track! I then had to clear it out!

Easier said than done! I had 4 kids and 6 years worth of kids clothes shoved to the BRIM of this closet in the form of huge rubber maid bins, as well as a ton of other random d?cor and fabric, and a stash of beads which littered the floor!?Once I had effectively cleared it out it was time to get to the good stuff. I went a step further and removed the original shelf and hanging rack installed by our builder. I was nervous that this would really damage the walls but I had a plan to cover them up anyway and much to my surprise the MDF came off with out a hitch!

Once I had pulled that out I patched the side walls and let them dry and set to work on shiplapping the back wall. Full shiplap tutorial can be found on THIS post! ?I have a stash of pre-cut and painted shiplap left over from now 3 other rooms! SO I didn’t even have to spend a penny on that since I had enough left over to cover the whole back wall! In fact the entire shiplap including nails, paint, rollers, stained shelves and MDF pieces that the shelves hang on were all things I had on hand left over from other projects and rooms! I had decided a few weeks earlier to removed the big shelves in my front room you can see them in THIS post and so I then took them and cut them shorter and made some pretty and also sturdy shelves for this closet space! It couldn’t have worked out better!

Before, staging those huge shelves was a lot of work and wasn’t functional for my needs. It seemed like such a waste each time I went to decorate them! I am so happy that I still get to enjoy them but now in a setting where they are super useful as well! That was the biggest win for me while doing this entire project! I love pretty things but what I love even more is pretty things that serve a purpose!!

Once I had installed the shiplap, painted it white Swiss Coffee by Behr in semi gloss to be exact, more about why I love this color in THIS post.??I then installed the 4 shelves, now it was time to make these babies function!!! I started with a search in Pinterest! For a glimpse into my organization inspiration you can head over to THIS Pinterest board! I then decided that while I love the bright and cheery organization posts all over the blog world that’s not exactly my style aesthetic, something more neutral and farmhouse inspired Is more may jam so I went on Amazon and started figuring out what kinds of bins and baskets I could use to corral my junk and also be aesthetically pleasing and blend in the with the farmhouse style of this room. After all this closet is now without doors so the organization system did need to match the rooms current style and be able to flow from one season to the next since I am constantly re-decorating it!

First and foremost I took into consideration what types of things I planned to organize in this space. I knew I wanted to resurrect my fabric, yarn and sewing notions from the deep and impractical rubber made buckets they were lost in. Having a system that would allow me to easily access different types of fabric craft supplies etc. was a must.

I found 3 different buckets, and baskets that were pretty, farmhouse style and would be perfect for my fabric, yarn and ribbon! I measured my shelves and got enough to fit on 3 different shelves. I then found these super affordable white shoe boxes and knew that they would be perfect to corral all the small crafty items I had, such as beads, glue, sewing patterns and so much more! I ordered all of these items in one fell swoop and was so excited that when they showed up they worked exactly as I had anticipated.

The best part about having these open bins is it makes it easy to access everything! Gone are the days of sorting through stacks of fabric and not being able to find what I’m looking for! With this method I can see all my fabric upfront and simply pull out the piece I’m after! or easily coordinate fabrics since they are sorted by color! Same with my yarn! I re-wound all my yarn into balls so that it was tightly wound instead of being loose flat and floppy skeins. this has helped save a lot of space and Its actually easier to crochet and do projects when they are in balls anyway! I also have labeled all the shoe boxes so I know where various items are and can easily pull down my tools and start a new project!

Now I can access all my craft supplies on a whim! It’s surely saved me some trips to the store as well as time rummaging through large bins trying to find what I’m after!

Below I have shared a list of the bins, baskets and boxes that I Purchased off of Amazon so that if you are looking to use these in your home organization projects you have easy access to them! Please note this post contains affiliate links.

Closet Organization Shopping Guide

Gray Storage Cubes

Labeled White Shoe Boxes

Galvanized/Metal Storage Bins

Natural Woven Hyacinth Storage Baskets

I hope you have enjoyed the final reveal of this closet! it has been long over due and I am so excited to have finally been able to share it with you all!!!!! Be sure to pin the image below to save this idea for later!!

Thanks again for stopping by!

XO Haley

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