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Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom Tour

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my farmhouse Christmas home tour! If you missed part one you can find it HERE. I am also so excited to be doing my very first YouTube collaboration hosted by my wonderful friend Lisa at Farmhouse on Boone, I will link the playlist so you can see mine and all the other amazing YouTubers we are partnering up with sharing their Christmas d?cor today!

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Today I get to share a little room in my house that is one of my all time favorite places to decorate! Its the guest room. I love this space because its just such a cozy little place to decorate! I think we often take small spaces and link them to being a little more difficult to design and decorate, but I think the opposite can also be true! It’s so easy to bring this room to life and I don’t have to go over board to do it either! Which I love.

This room is kind of like the ever changing room in our house! It has been a guestroom a nursery and a guest room once again! The thing I love most about this room is the simple and easy template that there is to work with, namely the white shiplap walls! They instantly create a cozy feel in the room and I always enjoy decorating this space because of that!

In other news we are just 6 days away from welcoming our 5th and final baby into our home! I am filled with joy and excitement!!! This baby is a surprise so we don’t know the gender yet! Just 6 days until we know girl or boy! I have a little bit of a feeling on what I think it is, but we also didn’t find out the gender of our last baby who ended up being a girl despite me being whole heartedly convinced she was a boy!!

suffice it to say I am not going to be placing any bets on what this baby might be! We have several 3D pictures of the baby from sonograms on our fridge, My daughter Scarlett who is 5 was referring to the new baby a few days ago and she was casually calling? baby a boy like there was no doubt in her mind it was a boy! So I asked her why do you think this baby is a boy? To which she said “well I’ve seen his picture on the fridge its a boy not a girl” ha ha! I love that she is 100% conviced by this even thought I’ve tried to explain that’s not difiniteve proof! She won’t hear it!

Needless to say we are all so excited to meet this baby girl or boy!!

Now, lets chat a bit about my d?cor process this year for this room! I started with the beautiful quilt on the bed and the quilted pillows from the shop Little Bits of Everything. I honestly spent my entire Christmas d?cor budget on the living and dining room. So I went into decorating this room knowing I was just gonna have to wing it and do some DIY’s. I thankfully had a whole bunch of juniper picks from Hobby Lobby left over once I had decorated the two other spaces so I knew the rest would work perfectly in here!

I started by draping them over the faux mantle. Tutorial for that can be found HERE. I then pulled out all my coverless and vintage books and started to play around with them stacked in various ways. To finish the look above the bed I added the simple iron wall piece above the shelf. I am so pleased with the simplicity of the items above the bed and I may just leave it up till spring!

Next I pulled out this little Christmas tree! I got this from a friend who was going to discard it, I used my left over stash of ribbon from years past and ornaments and made it up to fit the tan and gray color scheme of the room! I then propped it in a tin bucket with some burlap!

I did a little switch-a-roo with the end table to the left of the bed. I have had two light gray night stands in here for a while. I recently put those in the Master bedroom, and this one was in our living room, but lost its home to the Christmas tree! I love how it looks in this room.

I used other Items I had to decorate it including the shiplap frame DIY you can find HERE. The “have yourself a merry little Christmas” print is also free you can find it in THIS POST.?

The dresser I kept pretty minimal using the last of my juniper picks and some white ceramic ware! The white pearl picks were on our tree last year and kept with the softness of the d?cor in the room.

Below you will find the source list to anything I could possibley find in this room! I hope you have enjoyed this 2nd part of my farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour! and once again don’t forget to check out the playlist and see the other Christmas videos my friends are sharing today!

Room Source List

Jenny Lind Bed Frame-Goodwill


Dresser is painted Shutter Gray MMSMP

Nightstand-Family Heirloom

Nightstand is painted Bauhaus Buff Amy Howard Chalk Paint

Mantle DIY-Tutorial here

Juniper picks-Hobby Lobby

Books-thrifted or coverless


Burlap Ribbon on tree-Michaels

Peace, Joy, Noel Merry-Wood ornaments-DIY

White Poinsettias on tree-Walmart

Gold and silver Christmas ball ornaments-Target

Quilt on bed-Little Bits of Everything

White and Tan quilt block pillows-Little Bits of Everything

Tin Bucket holding Tree-Amazon

Crochet Throw at end of bed-Thrifted

White ruffled shames and Duvet-Amazon

Ruffled Bed Skirt-Amazon

Merry Christmas Pillow- DIY tutorial here

Lantern on Dresser-Hayneedle

Irion Wall art above bed-Ross

White ceramic pitchers on dresser and night stand-HomeGoods and thrifted

Shiplap Wall tutorial HERE

Shiplap rustic frame on nightstand- Tutorial HERE

Bedside Sconces-Hayneedle


Cream Metal bin below nightstand with throw blanket-Hayneedle

Mirror- Craigslist

Mirror Painted Linen MMSMP

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my Christmas home! Be sure to pin the image below to save these d?cor ideas for later!

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