Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner
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Easy Halloween Craft- Cute Book Page Banner!

Easy halloween craft bat banner made with vintage book pages! I am thrilled to be posting my first halloween post of the year!! Complete with an easy halloween craft! My intention when making this easy halloween craft was to whip up something cute and simple that you may even already have supplies for!

Easy Halloween Craft- Bat Banner

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Decorating on a budget is always a priority for me and you will find this easy halloween craft is not just cute but can be made for super cheap! Maybe even free!

My kids attend year round school. This has it pros and cons but one is that we get a 3 week fall break! I thought that this would be the perfect time to make some easy halloween crafts with my cute kids! They were eager to get our house ready for halloween and I wanted to let them join in on the decorating process!

My son Atticus requested that we put some bats into the decor so I thought this banner would fulfill his wishes while also being cute and affordable!

Supplies Needed

How To Make Your Banner:

I started by printing out an image of a bat you will find one below that you can print and use as as your template.

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner

Once printed, I simply cut out the bat and used it as the stencil for all my other bats. If you have a heavier weighted paper to print your bat on such as card-stock it will make tracing easier. But it isn’t necessary.

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner1

Once you have cut out your stencil, trace your bat onto the black paper fitting as many as you can on one sheet.

Once all the bats are traced double up your paper and cut out. Be careful not to double up too much or it will be hard to cut out your bats. This will just save you time and allow you to cut out more bats at once.

Once all of your black bats are cut out its time to cut out the banner.

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner

Making The Pendants

Using your book pages trace out the pendant banner template I have provided below. I used my paper cutter for this part but you can just use scissors if you don’t have one.

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner

determine how many banner pendants you want and cut out that amount.

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner1

Once your pendants are cut out its time to add the bats. Using some liquid glue put a small dot of glue in the center of the bat and press it not to the center of the book page pendant. Repeat until all bats are on the book page banners. Let dry

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner

When all the pendants are dry its time to get it ready to hang up and display! Using your hold punch. Punch two holes an 1.5-2 inches apart on the top of the banner pendant.

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner1

Once all the holes are punched string your string through each of your pendants. The last step is to hang it up to enjoy! I chose to hang mine on my farmhouse hutch!

Easy Halloween Craft-Bat banner

In Conclusion

This was such a easy halloween craft! It was also very affordable! You can use this simple method to create all different kinds of banners replacing the bat for anything that fits your decor! If you like this simple and easy halloween craft you may enjoy these other halloween crafts I’ve shared!

I’ll be back next week with more easy halloween crafts and decor I cannot wait to share how I’ve decorated our home for halloween this year!

XO Haley

Below you will find the two templates to create your banner

Easy Halloween Craft- Bat stencil

If you enjoyed this post pin the image below to save this idea for later!

easy halloween craft-diy adorable book page bat banner


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