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DIY Natural Glass Cleaner & Free Organization Printables

It’s Thursday which means it’s that time of week where I bring you a brand new DIY natural cleaner for your home! Today I am sharing with you my all time favorite Glass cleaner! This one is great for a number of reasons, no streaks, if like me you have more than just some finger prints aka peanut butter or who knows what else that your kids may have wiped on your glass surfaces this cleaner will get those off no problem! Not to mention it is free of harsh chemicals making it even safer than ever to keep your home spic and span!! This particular recipe I have been using for years so I promise its a good one!! Disclaimer this post may contain affiliate links.

I have to admit that I tend to neglect the outside of my windows, I am pretty on top of keeping the interior of my windows clean, but getting to the outside is a whole different beast! Its currently the middle of monsoon season here in Arizona so that counts right?!!! I’m gonna say that it counts for the next couple weeks at least!!

Which house hold chores do you tend to flub on? or push back a little longer!? Outside windows is definitely at the top of my list! In case you missed it last Thursday when I shared the first of my DIY cleaners I also shared a FULL and in depth check list for deep cleaning every space in your home! It’s one I have made for my own personal cleaning rotation, if your looking for a better way to stay on top of all those extra deeper cleaning tasks be sure to check it out in THIS post!

Today I am sharing 2 more printables to go along with the first set! They include a Grocery Shopping list and a To do list! you can download them at the bottom of this post!

Also I am SOO SOO excited to share with you a brand new room makeover coming soon! I have been battling my laundry room since we moved in our house! I’ve told my husband a hundred times that if our Laundry room was just about 2 feet bigger and the door to the garage didn’t go through it I would probably never leave this house! Alas that is not going to happen. So I decided to quit griping about what I didn’t have and made the most of the space I had to work with! I think you too will be blown away by the before and after of this space! Its functional now in a way that I truly never thought would be possible! I hope that my journey to get this space functional will help you organize and re-think some of the small spaces in your home too!

Lets get to the tutorial! First I have linked all the items and ingredients used to make this glass cleaner which you will see is super simple! Once you’ve checked out the list of ingredients you can see it being made in action! Before you go don’t for get to pin the image below so you can save this idea for later!

DIY Natural Glass Cleaner Recipe

  1. Spray Bottle (my favorite can be found HERE)
  2. 1 TBL Blue Dawn Dish Soap
  3. 1/2 Cup Vinegar
  4. Fill remaining bottle with water
  5. Shake above ingredients to combine
  6. Ready to use

Additional Items Needed:

  1. Funnel
  2. Measuring Spoons
  3. Measuring Cups
  4. Labels

FREE Organization Printables How to Download

Thank you so much for your interest in my free printables!! Here are a few things you should know before you save these files!


Click each individual image it will pop up larger, then right click ?and then save them to your computer as you see fit. Please note that this step must be done on a computer and will not work on a mobile device.


If you plan to print these from your home office, I recommend using a heavier weighted paper such as cardstock for best results, and setting your printer settings to “high or best quality” output this will ensure your images look just as they appear here!

You may also upload them online and have them printed elsewhere. Matte print settings will render the best results.


Disclaimer when save these printables you agree to the terms below.

These are free printables! That means that you may not use them to sell or market other items for sale in any manner in which you may get paid. This includes displays at retail stores, booths etc, as well creating and selling products using these free designs. These files are FREE that means they may never be used to sell in way shape or form.


I love it when other bloggers or readers share these free printables with their followers! I do have a few rules I ask that you keep in mind when sharing:

Please tag me on any social media platform you may share them on my handle is the same everywhere: The Mountain View Cottage

Please only use one image of a single printable per post on a blog or website, and downloading must be directed right back here!

Please do not use my pinnable images or any modification of them to link you your site, any pinnable images I have created for Pinterest need to lead readers directly back to the original post found here on this blog.

Please do not modify my designs to create “new printables” these designs must stay intact exactly as you see them here. However, I have no problem with you changing the size of them to fit your d?cor or design needs!

Lastly ENJOY!!! I cannot wait to see you display these in your homes

-Haley Estes

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