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Ultimate Home Decor DIY’s-Farmhouse Style

8 Amazing Home D?cor DIY’s Farmhouse Style!! If you are anything like me then you often find yourself rummaging through Pinterest for ideas!! I find that the phrase I search time after time is home d?cor DIY’s. I love home d?cor DIY’s for a variety of reasons. Home d?cor DIY projects give me the outlet to do something creative which I need A LOT of!! Feeling like I have something to do that is fun creative and even useful really brings me joy!!! I also love home d?cor DIY’s because they are often times a very budget friendly way to decorate my home! please note this post contains affiliate links.

My husband and I were married at 19, he had moved from a different state just a few days before our wedding and he didn’t even have a job yet!! reality came at us hard! We were married on a Friday and Monday I reported for my first day of training at a bank I would go on to work at for several years. We didn’t have some fancy honey moon waiting for us the week after our wedding, we had bills to pay and a new apartment to get settled into.

Don’t get me wrong we were 100% blissfully happy!! We were so dang happy to be married and finally on our own doing our thing that we didn’t care that it meant making sacrifices and that we had to work hard right out of the gate!

But it also meant that as we were just getting our lives started there was no extra! Not even a few dollars to spare to decorate or furnish our new apartment. We moved in without even having a couch or a TV. Ha ha! Looking back I have gotten so used to life now, I would have had a cow if I didn’t have those things! But it truly didn’t matter! And so we saved and the day our first couch arrived on our doorstep was like Christmas morning.

Eventually we got settled and I was finally able to tackle some d?cor! I quickly learned that DIY home d?cor projects were going to be my best option to make my money go further!!!

I didn’t blog back in those days but I looked to blogs for ideas and inspiration to help me spruce up our little apartment!! Today I am sharing 8 of my best Home D?cor DIY’s farmhouse style of course to help you feel inspired an help you tackle a few home d?cor projects in your own homes!!! Most of these projects are also very budget friendly! I still love decorating so that’s what you’re gonna find in this list of home d?cor DIY’s

Ruffle Throw Blanket

Number 1!! First we have a simple sewing home d?cor project!!! Confession!! Up until a year ago, I didn’t have a single throw blanket!!! I know what the heck is this self proclaimed home d?cor blogger doing without a throw blanket or 2?! I don’t even know myself I just didn’t want to spend the money on one to be completely honest!! So if you, like me hate dropping the 30 or so dollars it takes to add throw blankets to your home d?cor collection, look no further than this simple and affordable throw blanket!! I made this using a yard of ticking stripe fabric that was less than $10! You can’t beat that!! Plus once you have made one you’ll want to make one for every chair, bed end, and sofa in your home!! You’ll now be armed with the know how to do just that and be able to make several for the price of one from the store!! See how I made it in THIS POST.

Shiplap Frame

This is one of my favorite DIY home d?cor projects to date! WHY? because Its super versatile! you could make a set of these and display children pictures on them, or you can make just the one, like I did and switch it up from season to season! I love free printables if you’ve been around here for 5 min you already know that!! But, I love to put seasonal printables in the frame which I just tape right on and take off when I’m ready for something new! I have a full video tutorial for this project in the post as well! found HERE!?

Pallet Wood Serving Tray

This is a home d?cor DIY that has also gotten a lot of love!! When I really feel like going all out and dressing up our gest room for guests, I’ll put this pallet wood serving tray at the end of the bed with some goodies like cookies or cake!!! I also have used it as a centerpiece over and over on my dining room table! I just put different vases, and dinner tureens on it and it adds texture and warmth to my white table! Video tutorial on how to make this home d?cor DIY HERE.

Industrial Wire Frame

This is a bit of a different DIY, its what I consider a layering piece for my home d?cor collection. I like pieces like this because they are a great way to really style an end table, add an architectural element to a gallery wall or even provide a simple backdrop for a banner like I did with this on my Christmas mantle this year! How I made this incredibly easy home d?cor DIY can be found HERE.

Milk Paint Farmhouse Sign

If you didn’t already know I was a sign maker before I became a full time blogger! I loved making signs and it is still a skill I use often to add seasonal d?cor to my home! Typically I make signs with words. but I decided to do something a little outside of the box and created a sign with a quilt design type pattern! Like the Industrial wire frame it is an excellent layering piece or also a stand alone piece as well! I’ve used it above my guest room bed which is probably my favorite way to decorate with it, and behind a fall vignette in my fall home tour this year! Its a versatile and beautiful home d?cor DIY that you can learn to make right HERE

Rustic Wood Picture Frame

This was a fun project because it was part of a series of DIY’s I executed to help decorate my Sister in-laws formal living room! She had some family pictures taken and the printed photos were an in conventional size. So purchasing a frame without cropping the pictures immensely was not an option! So I solved this issue by making these custom rustic frames for her family pictures! This is a very affordable way to make DIY picture frames large in size on a small budget! See how I made them HERE

Industrial Wood shelves

I have since moved these shelves from my formal dining room to my craft room closet. Making them the musical shelves of my home!! I made them with the idea that I could create a perfect landscape to really add some d?cor behind my dining room table! And that I did!!! they were not only a perfect place for home d?cor but also doubled as a great way to add stylish storage to my home!! I did this with baskets and wood bins used to store frames, dinner ware, napkins you name it!! You can see how I made them HERE

DIY Ruffled Throw Pillow

One of the easiest ways to add d?cor and also change up d?cor in? your home is through throw pillows! I find that they can get pricey and not only that but I can’t always find just what I’m looking for! This Christmas I was searching for some plaid throw pillows for my living room d?cor. I couldn’t find anything close to the color of plaid I needed, so I went to Joanns and I found just the thing! I used the fabric to create these ruffled throw pillows for my sofa! You can find the step by step tutorial HERE

I hope you found these 8 DIY home d?cor Tutorials inspirational and helpful in your quest to not only decorate your home but on a budget!! You can save this idea for later by pinning the image graphic below! thanks so much for doing so!!!

 XO Haley XO Haley

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  1. I love your style of decorating and your DIY projects. My DH and I married young. I was 18 when I married and turned 19 the next month. My DH was 19 and in college. We didn’t know anything but have been married 58 yrs this August and have two grown children. I love to decorate too and learn to sew curtains, clothes for my children, etc. I enjoy your style so much and your projects. Thanks for sharing everything with all of us.

  2. Hello,

    I wanted to see if you had instructions on how you made the beautiful white mantle piece. I am interested in making one like it.


  3. I love your story. It’s amazing how inexpensive it is to decorate something with very little money. And, the handmade items mean so much more. Great job!

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