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4 Beautiful White Farmhouse Inspired Paint Colors

When it came to nailing down my design style, I went through a lot of “phases” to get to my current and most loved style. I’ve painted walls watermelon pink, and navy, I even had a maroon room in high school. I’ve always had a real zest to decorate and my dear sweet Mother let me design my room when I was 15. I painted it bright orange and stripes of pink, yellow, purple and red. I had a hot pink bed cover and my room was so bright that it glowed through the doorway into the hallway. If you’ve also have had a funky decorating era, high five! Because let be honest the only way to REALLY know what your style is, is living with it!!!

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8 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Your Home

We were married young and didn’t have a lot. We saved every penny from our wedding gifts to buy a couch, and then years later we were finally able to purchase a second hand table and I painted it black. We moved into our current house along with those items we had scrimped and saved for and I felt so incredibly guilty that I didn’t love them anymore. and I was itching to really change up my style.

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Farmhouse Inspired Fall Bedroom Tour

Farmhouse Fall Bedroom tour! Finally sharing my fall bedroom tour today! It’s amazing how much this room has changed since we first moved into our home! This is our guest room,  and lately it has become a bit of a sanctuary for me! My husband works nights so getting ready in our seamless bedroom/bathroom was not exactly working out! the blow dryer, my endless obsession with harry potter audio books…