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My name is Haley Estes, I’m an Arizona native who loves doughnuts, burritos and ice cold cherry Cokes! I am married to my high school sweetheart who is an incredibly brave and all be it sassy LEO. He get’s my kind of crazy and for that I’ll forever be grateful! We were married at 19 and had grand plans to travel and wait 5 years before starting a family. God laughed and had bigger and MUCH better plans than we could have ever imagined.

Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt to find out we were expecting twins at 1 am in in the ER the summer after we were married.?We welcomed identical twin boys into our family in the Winter of 2011 they are our miracle babies and we have lovingly dubbed them our ?”tornado twins” Tristan and Atticus. ?Just 19 months later we gave those crazy little boys a sister, Scarlett and last summer we welcomed our 4th and second little girl Portlynn! In case you didn’t catch that, they are 6, 6, 4, and 1.

Yes life is crazy but apparently not crazy enough because we also have2 dogs. Honey is the head lady of the house an 8 ?lb Dachshund and she is a sweet as they come. Gray also a Doxi, can only be described as one of a kind! She is afraid of pretty much everything that won’t hurt her I.E;?laundry folding. She just can’t hack it when I sit down to fold laundry and has to retreat underneath the couch. We love them to pieces!



About The Mountain View Cottage

In June of 2013 I started an Esty shop making and selling handmade signs. The three years I ran my shop I thrived off the creative outlet and support that it brought to our family! I found so much love from the online community of other makers and shop owners and truly know the unique challenges that come with running a busy shop and being a full time mom and wife as well! Late 2015 I began to wonder “what is next?” when it came to my business ambitions. I decided to re-route my business entirely and this blog was born. ?By August 2016 I closed my shop doors for good and dove into blogging full time!

I absolutely love the creative outlet that blogging affords me. There are no rules or boundaries while blogging. I and can be sewing up slipcovers on Monday and shiplapping the bathroom by Friday! This creative freedom is what I love most about blogging but even more than that, I want to share with those who read my words and watch my tutorials to be fearless. I want to encourage and inspire others to tackle new projects both big and small and create a home they truly love. That is what I hope to convey on this blog and share with each and everyone of you!

Over the years I have developed a love for photography and more recently video. I hope that I can create tutorials that show all the little details and make it that much easier to help you get out there and start creating and decorating!

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

XO Haley