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26 Mom Quotes-With Beautiful Images

Mom quotes are a perfect way to share how much you love the Moms in your life! I recently stumbled across some beautiful Mom quotes and felt inspired to share some of these mom quotes with beautiful images. You will see I have also shared a folder of the free versions of the Mom quotes to print. Use these beautiful watercolor images to dress up a party. You could also use these mom quotes to print and place in a unique frame for the special women in your life! I might suggest the following frames as a good option if you’re not sure where to start! please note this post contains affiliate links

26 Mom Quotes-With Beautiful Images

These frames will pair perfect with the Mom quotes I am sharing today and will surly earn you some brownie points!

My mom is easy to shop for when it comes to gift giving! I could fill up my amazon cart in about 5 minuets flat and still have more ideas! My Mother in law is a little trickier! A gift card works but she is much more sentimental and that what really pulls on her heart strings. These Mom quotes have come out of a selfish desire I have to have an endless supply of Mom quotes to share with her during the holidays and Mothers day season!

I can still pair one of these Mom quotes in a pretty frame with a gift card. Keeping the gift simple but while also checking off the sentimental box at the same time! Thats a win in my book! Lets get started with the first of these 26 Mom quotes your ladies are sure to love! I hope they bring tears and laughter and evoke beautiful feelings as you share them with your loved ones!

1. “When I think of home I think of Mom”

I can relate to this Mom quote so well! My husband and I settled down right near both of our parents when we got married. We built a house about 15 minuets from each. We sincerely took for granted how lucky we were to have both our families so close for the first 3 years of our marriage! Right after our 3rd baby was born my Dad got a new position within his company and they moved several states away. For the first time in my whole life my parents were further than a days drive away!

It has been a hard adjustment. I was so sad to see them leave the home that really was the most sentimental to me! They have since settled into their new town and have lived there for 4 going on 5 years. It’s still just as hard to have them so far away. But I can tell you that the “house” doesn’t make it a home! When I think of home I really do think of my Mom. Their new home is just as sweet and wonderful as the one they left which has everything to do with who is there not what is there! It has been a valuable but hard lesson I have had to learn as an adult! ?I am sure many of you can relate to having your family far away too.

Mom quotes-Mom quotes from daughter-Mom quotes from son-When I think of home I think of Mom

2.”Tired as a Mother”

Certainly it’s not lost any any one why this Mom quote funny is “tired as a mother” not tired as a father! ha ha I will say my husband is so incredibly helpful with our 5 kids! He helps with dinner, baths, snacks, appointments you name it he’s there and willing to help! But crying babies at night. He has a special sleep that allows him to completely tune it out! Its ok though! I’m sure if I asked he’d be willing to step up his game there too! Since I nurse our babies there’s not a lot that he’s needed for during these late night wake ups anyway.

This Mom quote perfectly surmises life of babies and toddlers! Our baby Hudson just barely started to sleep through the night! He’s almost 9 months old. I know this is magical to those of you who’s kids are still not sleeping through the night at this age. So I won’t try to compare. But the many sleepless nights I’ve spent with babies sure have been worth it! I may be tired but its the best kind of tired there is!

3. “This house runs on faith and a whole lot of caffeine.”

I’ll admit honestly that it wasn’t till baby number 4 that I fully understood this funny Mom quote. It could be because up until then I hadn’t found Mt.Dew voltage or that I just hadn’t “Mommed” hard enough to truly understand the magic of caffeine yet! What ever the case I have had to to very carefully stop bringing any caffeine in to our house or I’m basically hooked to it with an I’v drip!!! Its bad!! No self control what so ever!! Ha ha!

I currently don’t have any in the house. So I could say “I’ve kicked the habit” but the truth is that I’m just one Safeway trip away from falling off the wagon again!! What is your caffeine of choice?!!! Let me know in the comments! Mines a toss up between cherry coke and Mt.Dew voltage Depends on the day the moment and sometimes even the hour!! If you decided to print this Mom quote out and give it as a gift you could easily pair it with their favorite drink!

4.”The days are long but the years are short”

This famous mom quote is probably my favorite of the entire set! My husband and I were very fortunate to be able to plan our family. I have so many friends who suffer with infertility and it is something that I feel so deeply for! I don’t ever take my fertility for granted. That being said we had 5 kids very fast! 5 in under 7 years! Its so hard to imagine a time before our beautiful kids! Yet here we are almost 8 years in! My twin boys Atticus and Tristan were our first introduction in to parenting. More like a crash course of parenting!

Motherhood is nutty!

They were the sweetest babies but sometime around the point that they became mobile things gut NUTTY! I remember feeling like I was just barely hanging on most days! Then magically one day I woke up and I have 2 2nd graders! Who wipe their own hineys are capable of cleaning up after themselves. I say “capable” loosely lol! And I have wonderful imaginative conversations with them regularly I didn’t even know would honestly be possible at one point several years back. Yet here we are! If this mom quote is not true than I don’t know anything about motherhood!

5.”The best Moms get promoted to Grandma”

I still remember the moment like it was yesterday when I shared with my Mom that she should be a Grandma for the very first time! This mom quote from a daughter would be so perfect to break the news to the soon to be grandmas in your life! My husband Devin and I were married at 19! (gosh we were babies) We had grand plans to wait 5 years before jumping into parenthood too! Yet as they often do our plans were not “his” plans.

There I was 10 days before my 20th birthday with a pregnancy test in my hand that read positive. I was somewhat terrified to tell my mom. Yes I had been married 9 months and obviously I knew how this must have come to be but we “waiting” !Ha ha the lord laughed at our plans and as always his plans were so much better. Still I was afraid of being judged for being still so young.

Telling My Mom She Would Be a Grandma

I was so shocked I didn’t even think through how I would tell my mom! I just showed up at her house for Sunday dinner. Pulled her back into her room and started pulling each of the many pregnancy tests out of my purse and laying them in front of her! I assumed that she would need the extra “assurance” as well as I did that I was in fact pregnant.

It should have been no surprise to me that she took it so very well! After the initial shock she was actually thrilled! And you wouldn’t even believe what a proud grandma she became the day I told her that I wasn’t just pregnant but it was Twins! She called up half her phone list to tell them the exciting news! It was such a great reassurance that I needed in this very fragile moment of life! Moms sure have a way of doing that!

6. Sometimes I open my mouth and my Mother comes out”

This mom quote thats funny is one I also relate to all to well!!! My cousin and I married brothers. That makes her my cousin as well as my sister in law! Our moms are 2 of 7 sisters and they are a feisty and hilarious bunch! She and I often joke about how we catch oursleves sounding and saying exactly what they would say to us as kids! Funny things like “be good or I’ll rip your arms off any beat you with them! ha ha (so sweet I know) or one of my personal favorites! “have a glass of shut the heck up” ha ha these ladies may not be the classiest broads at a party but I never claimed to be either and I love their sarcastic humor! Have you ever found yourself sounding just like your mother? If you have tell me about it in the comments below!

7.”Pardon the mess the kids are making memories”?

This short mom quote is one I’m trying to embrace better. I have a deep seeded need to “clean everything all the time” its a battle! I am find that I will purposely avoid crafts, messy foods, or activities, even recipes because they may make a mess I am not willing to deal with. So, just last week I decided to take one for the team and do something I knew my kids would appreciate and I would have to just suck it up and deal with the mess. They had a half day so we loaded up and ran to the store in the pouring rain and secured all the supplies we would need for slime! Are your kids obsessed with slime too?! What gives?!! Together we made 4 wonderful large batches of colorful glittery slime! Yup I even did glitter (pats back)

Messes Equal Memories

They have enjoyed it SOO much! It was also the perfect sensory activity for my son Tristan who struggles with concentration. He played with the slime for hours every day after school since making it! I realize more and more that messes are part of some of the best memories and that is why I am trying to embrace it more! I did sacrifice several patches of carpet that some how got slimed. But honestly new Haley isnt that mad. That being said if you have any tips for getting slime out of carpet I’m all ears!

8.”Nothing compares to the love of a Mother”

This Mothers day Message is what its all about. If you have had one of the following moments you understand exactly what I mean. The other day my little girl who is 2 Portlynn was having a very rough week. She has had a bad infection in her ear. Not your run of the mill ear infection but something much more grotesque! We have tried several different antibiotics only find she is allergic to those!Its been a hot mess!

Well she accidentally bumped her very angry ear and burst into sad sobs. My husband and I happened to both be near her but she walked right past him and put her arms out for me. In all fairness there are moments when she would rather have him. But just then it was me she needed. These moments just melt my heart as a mother. This I love you Mom quote would be a perfect reminder of those tender moments you share with your mom.

Mom quotes from daughter-Short Mom Quotes-Famous Mom quotes-nothing compares to the love of a mother

9.”Motherhood is kinda like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how to do it.”

Well isn’t this funny mom quote true on so many levels!? I have to admit that I was a complete idiot as a brand new mom! No really let me tell you why! I had twins to begin with. You would think that the first several months of life would have been tough. But I actually did not experience that! My boys were so so good. They slept well and they snuggled and cuddled all day! they weren’t fussy or sad hardly ever! I remember at about 6 months in thinking I would never raise my voice or ever be upset with these precious angles! That this mom thing really wasn’t all that hard.

Ya, I know what you thinking. Idiot!!! I was. Don’t worry I have since had my real dose of motherhood! Of crazy and stong willed toddlers and a 6 year old with the mouth of 16 year old. I’ve eaten those words more than once just today! ha ha but still even though this motherhood thing really has no rhyme or reason most days I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Since my twin boys I’ve also had the wonderful blessing to welcome 3 more sweet babies into our home! I have now realized that I am completely and blissfully happy with a newborn! I love every second of it but things get REAL at about 12 months and I come back off my little cloud of happiness and realize its not all butterflies and rainbows!

10.”Mother dear I love you so.”

I particularly love this I love you Mom quote. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every Mothers Day the primary age kids which include 3 of my sweet kids get up and sing this song to all the mothers! You can find the full song here. Its so sweet! A such a little gesture but it brings tears to my eyes year after year!

11. “Moms carry more than just their babies, they carry their hearts, their hopes and dreams, their worries and fears. They carry it all and yet still have room to carry the deepest love of all.” -The Mountain View Cottage Original

This is an original Mom Quote that I wrote inspired by all the amazing moms I have in my life! I have so many friends that are just stellar moms. Many of who have had rough roads to get to motherhood. Who have had chronically ill children or babies who were born and needed scary surgeries unexpectedly. These women are the true heroes! They carry so much in their hearts for their kids! My journey with each of my kids and especially Tristan and his very unexpected physical trials have really shown me just how much moms endure. Moms sure are special.

12.”Mom of many talents”

This short Mom quote reminds me of so many Moms I know! So many with hidden talents that are just un used because of motherhood or discovered because of the duties brought on by being a mother! In particular I have an aunt who is just out of this world talented! She makes me question what I am doing with the 24 hours I have in the day! She seems to be able to do anything and everything exceptionally well and accomplishes so much in so little time!

Instead of feeling defeated by her success it is actually a wonderful motivator to me that I can do better! To not be unrealistic in my expectations but a gentle nudge to go the extra mile day after day! Do try know any women like this?! Who seem to accomplish in one day what most moms do in a week?! I think there are real wizards among us and they are just hiding their wands!!!?

13.”Mom life is a blessed life”

I adore this sweet but short mom quote! It is the perfect reminder that we really are so blessed! I have so many friends as I mentioned ?before who are longing for children of their own. It is a an incredible privilege to be a mom and not one we all are blessed to enjoy!

Just recently after many years of infertility one of my friends brought her sweet baby girl home. I just burst for love and happiness for her and her husband. I am sure so many others were too! This quote is such a great reminder for those hard days. That I really am so blessed! Even when Motherhood gets hard its truly a special calling.

Short Mom quotes-Mom life is a blessed life

14. “Mom a title just above queen”

This mom quote is funny and oh so true!! For the last couple months my husband and I have been completely hooked on the show suits! If you aren’t familiar ( I wasn’t!) it stars Meghan Markle. I dint really follow any of the royal wedding so it took me a few episodes to realize who she was!

Now just about every episode my husband and I shake our heads in disbelief that she married a prince!!! ha ha this quote is a great reminder that even though most of us will never be queens or kings if your a mom your title is even higher than a queen! Just in case you didn’t know!

15.” Mom a daughters first friend”

I love this sweet mom quote from a daughter! How lucky I am to call my mom a friend! I know not everyone is that lucky! I am also so lucky to have 2 daughters of my own! Just this morning me and my girl Portlynn played ponies together and then baked some cookies! Our days are not always this slow paced but I sure enjoy when they are!

I love the relationship I have with them now. But am also looking forward to seeing how that relationship matures as they get older! Is your mom your best friend?! If so tell me why in the comments! This mother quote from daughter would be a perfect gift to share with her if she is!

16. “Kids make life the best kind of busy”

Mom quotes like this one remind me just how true it is! Life with kids is a special kind of busy! But I am sure there will be a day looking back wehre I miss it so much! I crave a slower paced life. But I love any time I get to spend with just my family! We try every week to do things as just a family. It makes our relationship stronger and while getting out of the house with 5 kids 7 and under can be an undertaking its always so fun!

One of the challenges we try to accomplish is dong so on a budget for little to nothing! Earlier this summer we drove up our local mountain and the kids caught a bunch of craw dads in the lake! We brought a homemade picnic and it cost next to nothing! It was such a fun time and I loved watching them explore the outdoors and have fun with each other! This short mom quote is a beautiful reminder!

17. “If Moms were flowers I’d pick you”

Mom quotes also remind us that even if we don’t get to pick our mom’s how lucky we ended up with the moms in our life! That being said I surly would pick my own mother again if it were up to me! She is the difference of who I became as an adult! My heart hearts for my friends who’s relationships with their moms is difficult or strained ! Moms are so special they have such a profound impact on who we are as an adult and I am thankful for the woman my Mom helped me become! Because of who she is and not in-spite of who she is.

Mom quotes-Mom quotes from daughter-Mother quote from daughter-If Moms were flowers I'd pick you

18.”If I know what love is. It is because of you.”

This mother quote from son is so beautiful! It could also be from a daughter as well. I thank heaven every day for the mother of my husband. She raised such a good man! He is so kind and tender. He is one of those people who genuinely puts everyone before himself. Devin is not only kind to his family but those around him too.

When were first married he took a man he met at his security job under his wing. he helped him get back on his feet and was so kind and truly became this mans friend despite the fact that he had nothing to give in return. This is just who he is! I know that is a direct result of his Mom and what a special woman she is and the man she raised because of it. Mom quotes like this give me all the feels!

19. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my Mommy you’ll be.”

This famous mom quote is popular for good reason! Made popular by the classic book “I’ll Love you Forever” by Robert Munsch. I use to make signs and sell them for several years on Etsy. This quote was hands down one of the most purchased of all the signs I ever made and sold! I think this would be the most beautiful gift if your mom shares the memory of reading this book to you! You could even pair it with a copy of the book too!

20. “Home is where your Mom is.”

Home is where you mom is mom quotes-One of my finest memories as a kid was the following! I used to walk about a mile to school when I was in Elementry school. Walking to school was a cinch but getting home meant I had to walk all the way back up the hill of our street. Our house was at the top and I hated that hill so much!

My mom is a very talented baker and would always bake sweet treats! On the days she baked my favorite treat cinnamon rolls I could literally smell them wafting down the street! I would take off in a run to get my hand son their warm gooey deliciousness! These are the small moments that made my childhood special and truly made mom the center of our home! Mom quotes remind me of these sweet memories.

Short Mom quotes-Mom quotes-Home is where your mom is

21. “Her children rise up and call her blessed”

This famous mom quotes is the prefect combination of Scripture and truth. This quote is a beautiful sentient of how blessed a mom is from her children!

22.”Having a weird Mom builds character.Trust me I know”

This mom quote funny-is so good! I can’t say I would characterize my own mom as “weird” she was funny but not so much “weird” I did have a friend who’s mom was very eccentric! He was the funnest kid to be around! He claimed and scaled walls like it was his job and just generally lived life on his own terms!

I have no doubt that was because of the mother that raised him. I love going over to his house it was basically a live in museum of amazing artifacts and interesting books! Its true having a weird mom builds character! My friend certainly had the most character out of any of the kids in our group of friends and we all loved him more for it!

23. “Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens, and happy kids.”

I know a few moms in my circle of friends who are true to mom quotes like this! They don’t have perfectly clean or organized homes. I wouldn’t even classify them as dirty. They re lived and loved in! There are new craft projects always going. The kids have the creative freedom to express themselves with an endless supply of arts and crafts! Their ovens are dirty from countless batches of cookies and baked goods! Homes like this are the best!

24. “All that I am and ever hope to be I owe to my angel Mother.”

If this aint the truth?! Such a good mom quote about what our mothers shape us into being! I remember a very difficult time in my life where I was really at a cross roads. I felt like I didn’t have a lot of support. feeling stuck, wanted to make the choices that wouldn’t let down my family. Particularly my Mom and Dad

.When one afternoon my mom suggested the route I was wanting to take. I am sure it took a lot of sacrifice for her to support me when it wasn’t what she ideally had wanted for me. But she did. The weeks that followed she really stuck by my side. She was my rock and never let me question my decision even though others did. It was the perfect example to me that sometimes we have to support our kids even when its not what we would have originally chosen for them.

25.”A mother is she who can take the place of all others but who’s place no one else can take.”

Famous mom quotes like this are the perfect words when we don’t always know what to say! I think any mom who received this as a gift on mothers day would be full of tears! It is so true! There is no replacement for your mom! Moms make up such a specific place in our hearts!

26. “Mother’s hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.”

This quote in my collection of mom quotes is so sweet. It is so true that even though we won’t need our moms to hold our hands forever figuratively they still do! Something to remind your mom as you move on in life and it may be hard for he to watch you do so! This mom quote would be perfect to wrap up and leave as you move off to college or on a new destination!! She will understand how much you love her and still need her even from afar!

I hope you enjoyed these Mom quotes! below I have shared 10 of these 26 quotes in free printable format fo ryou to enjoy! for the other 16 you can head over to my Etsy shop and snag them very affordably!

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