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Decorate With Me-Fall!! Video Decorating Series!!

Today you get to “Decorate with me”!! I am starting a new series here on my blog and on my YouTube channel and its something a little different so your feedback is welcomed and encouraged on this new endeavor!

I am an avid follower of countless home decorators here on the inter-webs! I draw so much of my inspiration for being inspired by others! I legitimately get excited when I see a beautiful space or a pretty vase of flowers or a hoard of pillows beautifully stashed on a sofa!!! I have often wondered how these incredible decorators curate a space from start to finish! More than just what I see in then end result but the whole process? Still with me?! Well let me preface this by saying I am NOT AN EXPERT by any means!!! But I do love to decorate and it really is something that makes me happy and if it makes you happy too, then we have something in common!

I am starting this new series I have dubbed ?”decorate with me” because well you’ll get to do just that! I will take you through the whole process of how I decorate a room through video and you’ll see the “behind the scenes” stuff!! I hope you’ll enjoy this little series and above all else even if you don’t learn a dang thing, I hope it inspires you to decorate your own home and make it space you love!!! Because at the end of the day my main goal from this little blog here is to inspire you to create a space you love!!!

Here is the first of this series “Decorate with me Fall Decor”

Also: for a full list of sources and many more details on this fall home tour be sure to see this post!!?

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Please feel free to leave your comments on this new series below! I would love to hear your feedback!! and thanks so much for stopping by and watching!

-XO Haley

2 Comments on “Decorate With Me-Fall!! Video Decorating Series!!

  1. I discovered your video and YouTube and fell in love with it ! It was especially nice to see how you move things around to get the right look you were going for, that’s something you can’t see in photos ! I’m looking forward to more of hour videos and I’d love to see a tour of your beautiful home ! ?

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