Wainscoting Video Tutorial- Farmhouse DIY Project

Farmhouse inspired Wainscoting tutorial! You guys I am so excited to share this post with you!! This project has sat on the back burner for 7 months!!!! I have had every single piece of wood and bucket of paint to get this done sitting in my garage all that time! This is just how life goes right!? You get super pumped about a project and you get it all planned out you purchase the supplies and then reality smacks you in the face and reminds you that “oh yeah I don’t have time for this I have a job and a zillion kids and 50 dogs?! and they don’t give a rip if we have pretty walls!” trust me the booger smears and the holes prove it!

Having just closed my sign shop in August I sat around on my couch the first day after it was officially “over” and vowed to take the day off! I had basically been working nonstop for 3 years so I decided I needed a break… well 11 o’clock a.m.?rolled around and I was like screw it I’m going to go do something and thus this project began! I also had the added bonus that we were throwing a joint Birthday party for my two girls in just 6 days so I knew it would give me a nice deadline to get it done and get it done quick!!

This project is not a project that requires mass skill! If your new to DIY this project is for YOU! Wainscoting creates such a visual impact to any room! and its something you can do in no time! All in all including the painting of our 16 ft walls it took me 5 days to complete! I would venture to say if you were not also painting the walls and just adding the wainscoting it would be a nice weekend project (depending on the size of the space of course!)

Here is the video to show you how to get from point A to point B! and below is an image of both the supplies needed as well as the calculations page both shown in the video!

Here is a clickable supply list in case you would like to know exactly which products I purchased to create the wainscoting as well as tools I used!

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2.5 Inch MDF Pre Finished Boards (this listing if for 3inch boards but upon arrival they were indeed 2.5 inches although the packaging indicates they are 3 inches confusing I know!)

8 inch MDF Pre Finished Boards

1 x 2 Inch MDF Pre Finished Boards

Farmhouse White Paint (wall color)

Wainscoting White Paint Color

Nail Gun and Battery Pack (This is one of my favorite tools of all time! NO cord or compressor needed!)

1 1/4 inch Finishing Nails

6-Inch Foam Roller

Standard 9″ Paint Roller

24-Inch I-Beam Level

Latex Caulk Silicone, White

Liquid Nails

25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape

Stud Finder

Xacto Knife

9 x 12 All Purpose Canvas Cotton Drop Cloth

Painter’s Tape

Carpenter’s Wood Filler


Chop Saw

Paint Brush

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! To save this idea for later be sure to pin the image below!

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xo Haley

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