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Farmhouse Inspired Halloween Bedroom Decor

For the last three years September has meant busting out a five gallon bucket of paint and getting to work prepping endless signs for the crazy holiday season sure to ensue!! This year I’m kind of wandering around aimlessly wondering “what am I doing with my life?”ha ha!?As I settle into this new normal of blogging in lieu of running a shop. Lets get real, I’d 100% take this new normal of musical decorating over the intensity of the holiday seasons that come with owning a shop! If you’re lost and have no idea what i’m talking about please refer back to this post. The truth is I may or may not have decorated and un-decorated 1 room 3 times yesterday so that I could shoot all my fall and Halloween decor in one afternoon! But the real struggle is not sharing it all right this very second!!! Are you an over sharer too?! (high five!)

Because I’ve promised to stick to one post a day, today you get to see the reveal of my farmhouse inspired Halloween bedroom decor! This room has seriously been through SO much the last 5 years for example this is what it was up to last year!! As each season changes and I have the opportunity to re decorate it I am loving it more and more! Shiplap, we all know that shiplap is TAKING over and some of you might even be sick of it (say it isn’t true!!) I for one still love it simply because it adds the perfect texture and backdrop to a room!! It’s not an over bearing design element that demands all the attention either! You can just enjoy it for what it is and dress it up however you please and it still keeps that perfect farmhouse touch!

Holiday Decor Decorating Secret (SHHH!!):

I’ve also come to the realization that for me dressing a room up for any season does not mean it needs too look like the holiday itself came in and puked on it! It’s really just those soft and simple touches that bring in the season and make a room magical for me! So I’m sorry you wont see me gliding down the isles at Target with skulls and faux headstones, toppling out of my shopping cart. If you came here for that kind of Halloween decor I’m so sorry to disappoint I too love a super festive home and get kind of excited when someone else totally out does it and decorates the crap out of their home for each season!! But I’ve also come to embrace my style which is just a tad more subtle and if you totally omit decorating for the holidays because it kind of overwhelms you, this post is for you! You don’t have to have it all or nothing! My favorite way to add a seasonal touch to any room is by heading down to hobby lobby and picking up some seasonal florals and faux plant picks! Typically this is the only real seasonal touch in my home! (SHHH don’t divulge my cheater decorating secret!!)

So if you’ve been at a loss as to how to get started with decorating your home for the holidays that my be a great place to start!! I hope you enjoy this farmhouse inspired Halloween decor!!!

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Bed frame-thrifted

Black and white quilt and decorative pillows –Etsy Shop Little Bits of Everything

Bed skirt-Amazon

White Ironstone Pitcher-Thrifted


White Quilt-Home Goods

Sign-DIY?tutorial includes full video!

Night Stand- Thrifted

Armchair- Thrifted


Grapevine Wreath-Hobby Lobby

Branches and Seasonal Picks-Hobby Lobby

XO Haley

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