The Best Ever Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Lets talk Cinnamon Roll Recipe’s! Perhaps you’ve had a few in your day, perhaps you even have a singular recipe that you make over and over! Well today is the day I share with you THE BEST EVER Cinnamon Roll recipe! Let me start by saying that this is “THE” recipe of my childhood! Every town my family ever lived in my mom’s cinnamon roll recipe was famous! And for good reason!

I can remember multiple occasions walking home from elementary school that was just a few blocks away! You know, back in the day when you actually just walked home with a group of your friends instead of an adult?! and I would start to smell the aroma pouring down the street! and I would literally run home to devour one of my moms freshly baked cinnamon rolls!

Countless hours my mother would spend every Christmas making perfect pans of rolls she would then distribute to all of our friends and family! Even while I was in the hospital on bed rest with my twins my mom brought in the hospital staff cinnamon rolls! It was a sure why to earn the “favorite patient” award! I’m convinced I got extra perks for it!

My parents have since moved to a different state and whenever I see a childhood friend they often ask if she is still baking her famous cinnamon rolls! The answer to that is unequivocally YES! I too have made this recipe many times,?but perhaps I don’t have enough baking love, mojo or whatever, because when I make them they just don’t have that special “feeling” my mom’s rolls do! Does this happen when you bake stuff too? Lets face it Mom’s do it best! such as this recipe HERE!

Without further ado here are the magical ingredients to my Mom’s rolls! Pay SPECIAL attention there is no brown sugar or cream cheese in these cinnamon rolls and I’m convinced that this makes all the difference! STOP put the block of cream cheese down! I promise you wont be disappointed with this anti cream cheese frosting! I even predict you’ll prefer them without!!

EDIT-?there were a few discrepancies on the original recipe cards I posted!! (SOO SORRY!) As of 10/1/16 the recipe below has been corrected and updated!!

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-XO Haley

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