Swigg Sugar Cookies-Copycat Recipe

Swigg Sugar Cookie copycat recipe!! If you love a good sugar cookie than you have to try this version of sugar cookies complete with sour cream frosting! I also added some colorful sprinkles because lets face it! Everything is better with colorful sprinkles on it!!! for the full recipe you can LINK HERE

My mom Rachel and I took the BEST TRIP EVER! No really just ask either of them it totally was! this April to LDS Women’s Conference that is held on the BYU campus annually! It’s basically a conference dedicated solely to women who need a small little break from every day reality, while there you can eat your weight in BYU Mint Brownies (we did) spend your life savings at the BYU bookstore (we also did) eat at the creamery (CHECK!) and just get your cup filled from all the amazing and inspirational speakers! I would highly recommend it to anyone LDS or not who needs a little rejuvenation! Because lets face it we all do from time to time particularity right at 4 pm everyday am I right?!

My mom had already made THIS incredible Swigg Copycat Recipe Prior to visiting Utah and it was on our list of things to visit before we left! Non of us live in Utah and there are so many fun things to do while there that we seriously had a blast! Saturday after the conference ended we finally found a cute little Swigg Shack right near the BYU campus and headed inside! The cookies and drinks on the menu are enough to make you drool right there on the floor! We grabbed several boxes and headed to the temple! By the time we got out of the Temple the Swigg Sugar cookies had reached room temp and were seriously DIVINE!

When I visited my mom a few states away months later my dearest Mother whipped up this recipe to re-live that happy moment yet again! They truthfully lived up to my expectations having had the real thing already!!! Swigg Sugar Cookies you guys! SWIGG SUGAR COOKIES!! These are a thing and you need to try them and you don’t even have to go to Utah to try them just whip up this perfected recipe that Mandi Concocted!?

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