Brookie Recipe- Brownie+Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar

There are few things I love more than brownies and chocolate chip cookies!! So why not put them together into one amazing confection known to many as a “Brookie” aka Brownie+Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar?! I cannot take credit for this amazing idea but I surely can offer up a recipe so that you can devour it sometime I predict in the very near future too!!! Perhaps this would be a perfect family night treat this weekend?!

A few weeks ago I camped out on the mountain with my church for our annual young women’s camp! The first night just the leaders and the oldest group of girls went up to get things all prepped and ready! The amazing kitchen cooks whipped these up after all our hard work and I couldn’t stop talking about them! I told my mom how awesome they were while visiting and in less than an hour she had concocted her own special recipe and we all got to enjoy them again!

They are soft and chewy and literally the perfect combination of two amazing things!! My little sister who is 12 years younger than me helped me stage and snap these photos! This cutting board has been in my family for years!! and I thought would be the perfect backdrop for something equally as wonderful?! The table its sitting on is equally as nostalgic! It’s a softer wood so naturally years of homework and doodles have been etched into its surface! My mom did however warn me to try and keep away from a recent etching the neighborhood boy made of some inappropriate items… ha ha BOYS!! check! I think we were able to crop those out 😉

These brownie chocolate chip cookie bars would be the perfect treat to share at a party or have during an at home movie night!! They are even better with ice cream and hot fudge.. ya know not that I know from experience or anything!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy these as much as I did! and If you happen to make this recipe please let me know your final thoughts in the comments!!!

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XO Haley

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