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Today I am finally sharing the scroll art tutorial that was featured in my farmhouse inspired Christmas home tour! I made the one you will see in that tutorial using this exact method, I was in a hurry to deck my halls for the Christmas season and didn’t get to capture the process when I made the first one, but it was so simple and easy that I wanted to share it with you all so I went ahead and made a second one to share in my winter home tour coming up in a few weeks! This farmhouse inspired project is so easy and quick!! It’s also very affordable and chances are if you purchase the supplies to make just one, you’ll have enough to make a few more so you can just turn this into a craft night with your friends!! If you love to create, ?be sure to check out more of my farmhouse inspired tutorials on this page too!!

I will be sharing this tutorial in both the original picture form and a full video tutorial! If you need to just quickly scroll through the steps and get an “idea” for how to make one, I got you covered! But if you want to see all the steps in action be sure to watch the video!?This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

*Side note: I know a Silhouette cutting machine may not be something everyone has, but you can always purchase pre-cut vinyl designs from shops on Etsy as a much more affordable option if a machine is not in your home or budget!

Supply List:

VIDEO Tutorial:

Scroll Art Tutorial:

I started by designing the quote you see in the scroll art on my Silhouette Design Studio Software. This is a completely free software anyone can download even if you don’t have the cutting machine. Its super user friendly as well.

I picked a quote I loved “Housekeeping Ain’t no joke” by: Louisa May Alcott Smart woman!! Then I used the software to design it just so. I made sure that my canvas was set to the exact size of the brown packing paper that I was using which happened to be 12″ wide by 24″ long. ?If you like the design I made for this one using the Louisa May Alcott Quote you can find it HERE in my print shop.?

Once my template was designed just how I wanted it, I sent it to my Silhouette cameo cutting machine and let it do the details! I cut the quote using 631 oracle vinyl in matte black.?

Once my Silhouette was finished cutting I removed the vinyl from the machine and set it on a hard surface where I could delicately remove the background vinyl with an exacto knife, so that just the words that had been cut remained.

Once I had weeded the vinyl I used my favorite green star transfer tape and placed it on top of the vinyl lettering.

Next I took the roll of brown packing paper I had snagged off of Amazon and rolled the end so that there was ?about a 2″ circle to create the “scroll” effect. I used scotch tape to keep the roll in place making sure to put it in the back so it wouldn’t be seen.

I then removed the back piece of glossy card stock behind the vinyl lettering and placed the lettering sticky side down on top of the brown paper where I wanted it placed.

I used my vinyl scraper but you can use a credit card to really press the lettering down onto the brown paper.

I then gently rolled the transfer tape off the vinyl working my way from bottom to top pressing down the lettering as I went.

Once the vinyl lettering was in place I gently ripped the bottom of the brown paper to detach it from the roll. I decided to rip vs. cut with scissors to give it a more rustic feel.

After ripping the bottom off, I took out my yarn and cut about a 3 ft. piece using scissors.

I guided the yarn through the tunnel created by the scroll on the brown paper and tied a knot at the end

ALL DONE! SO easy right?! Last step is just to hang it in your home!!

I hope you enjoyed this farmhouse inspired scroll art tutorial! If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to ask! I also love to see what you create using the tutorials that I share here so be sure to tag me on Instagram if you make your own!?

Lastly, be sure to pin the image below so that you can save this idea for later if you don’t have to make it right this second! It truly is so simple and would be such a fun project to get creative with your friends and family!

-xo Haley

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  1. wow, this is SO great Haley! You are so stinkin’ creative! I love unique art pieces and you’ve really come up with a great tutorial here. I would love to know which font you used too. I’m a font addict and love the one you chose 🙂 Have a great week!

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