FREE PRINTABLE SATURDAY-Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same-Emily Bronte

I’m really so excited to have this new free printable Saturday series! I love to design and this gives me an excuse to brush up on my design skills each week and share something new!!
Reading has been such an intricate part of my life! From a very young age I remember my Mom regularly reading to me and my siblings! I am one of 7 children and to this day I find my self chatting to my mom about books and what we are both currently reading and each of my siblings all loves to read as well I am sure this is from the many hours my Mom spent reading to us.

As a busy Mom, I have found it difficult to pick up a real book and read but love the ease of audiobooks! I devour several books a week and love that I can still get that escape from reading while also being productive! I spend nearly every second painting and making the signs for our shop while listening to audiobooks. It’s become such a therapeutic process for me and probably why I still love creating signs 3 years later! I hope you enjoy this little tidbit from Wuthering Heights! “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever we are made of his and mine are the same” -Emily Bronte.? This free printable is another one that’s right in line with Valentine’s Day! Enjoy and if you use it in your home be sure to tag me on Instagram! I just love seeing how each of you use them so differently!

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