fluffy buttermilk pancakes

My Favorite Fluffy Buttermilk Pancake Recipe

My favorite fluffy pancake recipe

If you are anything like me than you love breakfast food! Growing up my Dad and Mom would often make a special breakfast for Saturday mornings I would sleep in and could smell the delicious aromas before I could even open my eyes! When my husband and I were newly weds I woke up one morning and decided to surprise him with some homemade pancakes. Thinking any recipe would do I whipped up the first one I found online.. We sat in our bed together with our breakfast that was placed on a gold crocodile texture serving tray for two and laughed at how UTTERLY horrible the pancakes I made were! Thank goodness there was also some bacon! I couldn’t even be mad at the face my dear husband made when he took his first bite… because I’m pretty sure mine also mirrored his!

my favorite pancake recipe

For whatever reason I went on to try about 5 more recipes! I didn’t matter they all paled in comparison to the recipe my mother made growing up. So I finally broke down and called her for the recipe about 2 years ago. The first batch was an instant reminder of how wrong I had been to ever betray a well loved tried and true recipe! So today on the menu we have my absolute favorite pancake recipe of all time! And let there be no mistake this recipe is all you will ever need! So if you have 10 other pancake recipes stashed in your recipe box like I did you can go throw them in the garbage because this is my favorite pancake recipe and I think it just might be your favorite pancake recipe when you try it too!

my favorite pancake recipe

The first time I made this recipe for my husband all was forgiven he asked me a couple times where I got the recipe! little did he know I pretty much had it all along I was just being hard headed and was just “making sure!!” there wasn’t possibly another pancake recipe that was better. He will also attest that this one wins hands down!

my favorite pancake recipe

The ingredients are simple! and you can top them with whatever you desire! dress them up or keep them simple! We tend to keep them simple at our house but there is no reason you couldn’t make them the star of your breakfast show with some chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and whipped cream!


2 Eggs

2 Cups Buttermilk

4 TBS vegetable oil

2 Cups flour

2 TBS Granulated Sugar

2 TBS Baking Powder

1/2 TSP Salt



Eggs, buttermilk, & vegetable oil together in a mixing bowl. Combine remaining indigence but do not over mix, mixture should be lumpy.


pour 3/4 cup of batter onto your greased skillet or frying pan cook on medium heat until pancake will hold its own form and flip it over until golden brown on each side.

makes approximately 10-12 pancakes


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