DIY-$15 Magnolia Wreath


When I decided to create The Mountain View Cottage blog I knew that I wanted to include a slew of DIY projects that were super affordable! So this is just the first of many affordable DIY projects to come!! This seriously took me about 15 minutes to make.. if you don’t count taking pictures in between each leaf I glued on, and putting Portlynn’s pacifier back in her mouth 10 times and feeding her! Oh the life of a mom!! Wouldn’t trade if for the world!! Point is it was super easy and if you can just manage to not burn yourself with the hot glue gun like I did you can painlessly make one too!

Inspiration behind this DIY:

If you are just as obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gains as I am then you have certainly seen lots of her magnolia wreaths pop up in their episodes!! I have been coveting one for quite some time but couldn’t bring myself to spend the $50-$100 that they retail for!! So I ventured out to Hobby Lobby with my 3 year old Scarlett and Portlynn (13 weeks) snuggled in the Moby wrap! Together we cruised around Hobby Lobby until Scarlett was so sick of Christmas Decor she wanted to die, (3 year old’s are so dramatic!!). I eventually wound up in the floral section and found some sprays that were magnolia leafs with varying colors!! I knew just what to do with them! A DIY wreath!?I threw 2 of the sprays in my cart and snagged a foam wreath form and hurried home before Portlynn could attempt her daily blowout in the middle of the store! Mission accomplished!

This video will basically show you all you need to know about making this DIY wreath. I just started with one leaf and hot glued it on, I then picked varying colors of each leaf and worked my whole way around the wreath form. I did not put any leafs on the back because as long as the sides are fully covered you shouldn’t need too!

The total cost break down:

Supplies from Hobby Lobby:

14 inch Foam Wreath Form 4.99

2 Magnolia Wreath Sprays 4.99 Each (not on sale)

TOTAL: $ 14.97

You can’t beat $15 for a 14 inch wreath!!

thank you so much for stopping by!!

-xo Haley

Disclaimer- this post includes affiliate links, however all products and recommendations are purely my own and have been purchased from my own personal expense. Thanks so much!


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