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Sometimes you have to wait for life to present you with the right time and opportunities for your dreams to come into fruition.

I have been on quite the journey over the last 3 years as I have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and starting and managing my own business! Little Bits of Everything inc. was my starting place but certainly not the finish line for a girl like me filled with ambitious goals and aspirations !Rachel will continue to run Little Bits of Everything inc blog and fill it with her her beautiful quilts and sewing projects.?This blog is a fresh landscape for me to really dedicate to all things home decor and DIY! My Little Bits of Everything inc. shop remains just as busy if not busier than ever before, but recent changes to how we run our shop have finally allowed me the time to sit down and blog every once in a while since its still something I truly love!

If you are new allow me to introduce myself! I am Haley! Married to my high school sweetheart and proud to be a law enforcement wife! I am also a mother to 4 beautiful children, Atticus and Tristan, my devilishly cute twin boys, and my sweet but sassy daughters are Scarlett and Portlynn. Our house is filled with lots of twin boy ruckus, little girl purses, late night doughnut runs, two furry little dachshunds Honey and Gray, frequent trips to the hardware store and a plethora of DIY home projects! You are officially invited to join me on this journey as we transform our first house into a home!

Why “The Mountain View Cottage” we live in southern Arizona and beautiful mountain ranges surround our little home! We also coincidentally live on a street called “Vista Monte” which translated means “mountain views”.

Our motto: DIY: All you have to do is decide to start and the hardest part is over.

I am often asked how I accomplish what I do with 4 kids 4 and under!! My personal motto over the last several years has always been “just start” weather its a painted project, a new room makeover or just dinner. Amidst all the chaos that naturally ensues in my daily life raising 4 crazy kids it can seem near impossible to find time for home projects and a business.?I have always found that if I “just start” I can usually accomplish any task that I set out to finish!! Come with me and I will teach you how to be just as fearless and accomplish the impossible in your own homes!!!

Welcome to The Mountain View Cottage!

xo Haley

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